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    Marshmallow Peanut Butter Fudge

    By Barbara King
    I got this recipe from Grouprecipes.com. My family and co-workers love,love this ease rich fudge...

    Penuche for Christmas Gift-Giving

    By Pat Duran
    This is quick and easy- especially if you have a lot of gifts to...

    Christmas gift idea (snowmen)

    By Nicole P.
    You can add anything your heart desires into the baby food jars :) All white edible...

    Peanut Butter Bowser Biscuits (for doggies) Gift-n a jar

    By Stormy Stewart
    My dogs love peanut butter and vanilla so I add 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla to these...

    Puppy chow for people Gift in a jar

    By Stormy Stewart
    Lately I have had people at work ask me how to make puppy chow. Here is...

    Steamed Carrot Pudding for Christmas

    By Marcia McCance
    My mother's father was born in England (Victorian era) so she grew up with Christmas Pudding...

    Not Just For Christmas Spritz Cookies

    By Sharon Whitley
    I have made this recipe for years. I have tried others, but like this one best....

    Casserole for one "Gift in a jar" Bacon lovers

    By Stormy Stewart
    These are the bacon edition of casseroles for one Gift in a jar. great for a...

    Mrs Hodges' Icing for Christmas Applesauce Cake

    By Jane Laster
    This goes with the Christmas Applesauce Cake

    Cherry Hearts for Christmas

    By Angela Nair
    I was asked to make a dessert for a centrepiece. This frosty meringue dessert is beautiful...
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    Five Ways To Use Your Extra Thanksgiving Turkey

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    20 Thanksgiving Desserts That Aren’t Pie

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