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    Codfish cakes( bolinhos de bacalbau

    By maria maxey
    Great recipe from our country,Portugal watched my mom making many times.Great for any special times .AT...


    By Brenda Watts
    My family and I feel blessed to live in a sweet community that is known for...


    By maria maxey
    Dear friend and i would exchange recipes for the different accassion, and we got great reviews...

    Savory Roasted Butternut Squash & Red Pepper Soup

    By Ashley Burnam
    I love anything with butternut squash. Since it's finally soup weather I had to make this!...

    Yams Casserole

    By Marlene Fields
    This recipe was given to me by a friend who prepared it for our local symphony...

    HOT Potatoe Salad

    By Lisa Muehlbauer
    Learned this one from my mom!:}

    Coconut Crunch Cookie gift for the holiday!

    By Eddie Szczerba
    I found this really neat idea for a gift to someone you love who likes to...

    Snicker-doodles For The Holiday"s!

    By Eddie Szczerba
    We love these cookies during the holiday season!They're easy to make and easier to eat!!!

    Only Two for the Holidays ~ two Cranberry dishes~

    By Stormy Stewart
    These are perfect for when you become an empty nester and the kids are to far...

    Red Hots Baked Apples-Great for the 4th of July!!

    By Gena S
    This was made by my grandma during the summer. Serve chilled along with the meal or...

    Creme Wafer Cookies for the Holidays

    By Marie Baker
    A Must Try Recipe!! I want to say these cookies are so good! Every year I make...


    By Nancy J. Patrykus
    Christmas seems to be the time for baking beautiful deserts. Here is another recipe for your holiday...

    Margarita Cupcakes for the Holidays

    By Yolanda Stewart
    This recipe is best recipe for Margaritas Cupcakes. It was easy and tasty!

    Just In Time For The Holidays: Biscuits

    By Angie Walker
    These biscuits are so simple and delicious. To see more go to: http://www.alilcountrysugar.blogspot.com

    Pumpkin Bread for the Holidays

    By Susan Feliciano
    This recipe I adapted from an older one that was high in fat and sugar. I...

    Saving Green Tomatoes For the Holidays

    By Pam Ellingson
    My mother loved fresh tomatoes from the garden, and always hated to see the first freeze...
    Simple Glazed Ham Recipes

    Simple Glazed Ham Recipes

    Know how to up your baked ham game during the holidays? Glaze it! Glazes are made with simple ingredients and they add tons of flavor to baked ham. Just whisk a few ingredients together and baste the ham with it while it bakes. The glaze caramelizes on the ham and infuses its flavor into the […]

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