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    Ashton's Alphabet Chili !

    By Colleen Sowa
    When you have kids helping in the kitchen.... you come up with some AMAZING IDEAS!!! My 4...

    Easy Chicken Chili

    By Deb Camp
    I love fall weather – and I love comfort food. This easy main dish is perfect...

    Sirloin and Black Bean Chili

    By Enro Gay
    This is a batch of chili I put together with ingredients I had on hand. It's...

    White Chili

    By Maggie May Schill
    Okay, so white chili is technically not chili. I know this, I've come to accept this,...

    Harvest Chili

    By April McIver
    I love this time of year, when the weather is starting to cool off a bit...

    Turkey Pumpkin Chili

    By April McIver
    Warm, hearty, with just a bit of spice. This isn’t quite classic chili, but it is...

    Chili-style slow-cooked pork chops

    By sherry monfils
    This is my fathers recipe. He loved his crock-pot!

    Three Bean Chili

    By Carla Jaynes
    This recipe came from All You magazine. It's a tasty, healthy meal and great for cool...

    Ciao Bella Chili

    By Anna Sciancalepore Antoniello
    I know there are a ton of chili recipes out there but just had to share...

    Mexican Black Bean & Sweet Potato Chili

    By Annakate Tefft
    This chili recipe comes together fast using pantry staples. I make it all the time! It's...
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