#Golden Recipes

14k Golden Fruitcake -4/ellie, My Original Recipe

14k Golden Fruitcake -4/ELLIE, My Original Recipe

By Nancy J. Patrykus
After finding out my very good friend Ellie positively loves fruit cake. I decided to surprise her...
Pam's Tender Fried Chicken Gizzards Recipe

Pam's Tender Fried Chicken Gizzards

By Pam Ellingson
I grew up liking chicken gizzards so I occasionally have a yen for them. I like...
Gulf Fried Shrimp Recipe

Gulf Fried Shrimp

By Janice Ross
It is nothing like Gulf of Mexico seafood! I love everything about cooking seafood but one...
Potato Vegetable Pancakes Recipe

Potato Vegetable pancakes

By Karl Strasser
I can eat them as a meal.I like to serve them with apple sauce and yogurt.
Russian-style Cheese Balls Recipe


By Ellen Bales
This tasty dish can be served for either breakfast or lunch, or even for a snack. Recipe:...
Ultimate Pleasure Potatoes Recipe


By Ellen Bales
Found this on the internet and tweaked it some for myself. I'm going to enjoy this...
Orange Quick Bread Recipe

Orange Quick Bread

By Beth M.
A friend gave me a recipe years ago for "Orange Date Bread" and I wanted to...
Zelda's Fresh Pear Cake Recipe

Zelda's Fresh Pear Cake

By Zelda Hopkins
I like pears but they seem so hard in the grocery store. I decided that I...
Little Fishies In A Golden Sea Recipe


By Nancy J. Patrykus
Instead of serving grilled cheese sandwiches, to two pre- scholars visiting me with their mother today....
Crispy Chicken Potato Pie Recipe

Crispy Chicken Potato Pie

By Sandra Jackson
This is a dinner pie that "hits the spot" on a cool or cold winter day,...
Apple Danish Recipe

Apple Danish

By C P
Oh, how I LOVE apple season... To me, there’s nothing quite like the smell of apples,...