#Gold Recipes

Gold Bars

Gold Bars

By Lisa Story
When I was a kid, we had a "snack bar" at our middle school where you...
Yukon Gold Potato Salad

Yukon Gold Potato Salad

By Jo Zimny
This recipe is pretty simple and tastes delicious. I didn't peel my potatoes since the...
Lemon Garlic Pork Loin With Vegetables

Lemon Garlic Pork Loin with Vegetables

By Carol Junkins
Thought I would try something different and this Pork loin with veggies cooked in the oven...
Guinness Cupcakes With Irish Cream Frosting

Guinness Cupcakes with Irish Cream Frosting

By Maggie May Schill
I wanted to really make something stereotypically Irish from an American perspective this St. Patrick's day,...
Autumn’s Apple Crumble

Autumn’s Apple Crumble

By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
This crumble is delicious for breakfast, a snack or for dessert!