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    Garlic, Onion & Cheese Tarts

    By Cindy Berry
    This is a great appetizer! Drizzling creme fraishe over the individual tarts looks nice too. I...

    Garlic Onion SwissBurgers

    By Malinda Jackson
    I got tired of making regular almost unflavored burgers and my kids were getting tired of...

    JASON'S POTATOES (Thyme, Garlic, Onion)

    By Darlene Dulewski
    These potatoes are a great change from the everyday-ordinary we are all used to, yet they...

    Grilled 12 Grain French Bread, Sundried Tomatos, Onions, Peppers...

    By Colleen Sowa
    Say that title 3 times fast!!! This is dedicated to Sherri Logan and her group! Love...

    Tasty Onion, Pepper, Potato & Egg Hash

    By Barbara Scott
    I love eggs and had two peppers left over from another recipe. So I thought...

    Sauteed Mushrooms W/Onions Peppers & Sweet Peas

    By Rose Mary Mogan
    This is one of my low fat side dishes that I created, since trying to eat...

    Pork Essentials: Spicy Onion/Pepper Stew

    By Andy Anderson !
    This is an easy/peasy dish to assemble, and pops in and out of the oven in...

    Spicy Garlic and Pepper Shrimp

    By Skip Davis
    Very easy and delicious use of fresh wild shrimp. THAI flavor and spicy. Stir...

    Garlic-Onion Bean Dip

    By Rev BJ Friley
    Scientific studies indicate that members of the onion family, such as garlic and scallions, help regulate...


    By Lora DiGs
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