#Fruity Recipes

Raspberry Creme Tipsy Pie Recipe

Raspberry Creme Tipsy Pie

By Deana Terrill
This pie was created for my fruit loving husband, and creme pie loving family as a...
Fruity Bagel Spread Mixes Recipe

Fruity Bagel Spread Mixes

By Penny Hall
I love bagels, and they are a healthier choice than breads.
Orange Cherry Delights Recipe

Orange Cherry Delights

By Cindy Foster
I made these for my co-workers and now I can't keep up with the demand!
Apple Muffins With Whole Wheat Blend Recipe

APPLE MUFFINS with Whole Wheat Blend

By Beth M.
Did you ever buy something by mistake? The pancake mix I purchased is the brand...
Orange Muffins Recipe

Orange Muffins

By Glenda Moore
These are great to take to a Bible Study Class or afternoon meeting. They are fluffy...
5 Cup Salad Recipe

5 Cup salad

By Denise Miles
SO VERY EASY! Yummy too! This is another family favorite!!
Sparkling Cranberry Orange Punch Recipe

Sparkling Cranberry Orange Punch

By Angela Gray
This wonderful and refreshing punch was inspired by my love of cranberry salad. It is quick...
Orange Sorbet Recipe

Orange Sorbet

By cassie thornburg
I love ice cream. I could eat it every day of my life and never get...
Apple Cake Tatin Recipe

Apple Cake "Tatin"

By cassie thornburg
If you've read any of my posts, you know I love Ina Garten. I was watching...
Flakey Apple Pie Recipe

Flakey Apple Pie

By Denise Miles
Who Doesn't LOVE AN Apple Pie? This is too simple! Never work harder than...
Peanut Butter Mocha Protein Smoothie Recipe

Peanut Butter Mocha Protein Smoothie

By Barbara Oseland
This is a drink that will give you that something to fill you up till break...
Layered Lime Gelatin Squares Recipe

Layered Lime Gelatin Squares

By Barbara Oseland
Light dessert low in sugar. Wonderful treat without all the guilt.
4th Of July Cream Cheese Fruit Tart Recipe

4th of July Cream Cheese Fruit Tart

By Denise Miles
I made this before watching Fireworks with my family. Went back to the house to...
Portuguese Orange  Biscuits (biscoits De Laranja Recipe


By maria maxey
AT Christmas time all of us kids grandmother and mom just baking away and...
Pomegranate And Chocolate Peach Protein Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Pomegranate and Chocolate Peach Protein Breakfast Smoothie

By Barbara Oseland
Super refreshing breakfast drink that is so quick and satisfying. If you cannot find the...
Banana And Mango Smalt Recipe

Banana and Mango "Smalt"

By Barbara Oseland
I call these my "Smalts" because they are not quite a malt. They do have fruit,...
Citrus Berry Smoothie Recipe

Citrus Berry Smoothie

By Barbara Oseland
I happened to have an orange in my refrigerator that was screaming at me. I decided...
Mock Blueberry Fizzy Recipe

Mock Blueberry Fizzy

By Barbara Oseland
I just love this drink. I came across it this past summer while trying to...
Best Ever Fruit Cake Recipe

Best Ever Fruit Cake

By Sharon Booth
This is the only fruit cake you'll ever have to have a chaser for. It is...
Diy Grenadine Recipe

DIY Grenadine Recipe

By Barbara Oseland
Run out of Grenadine? Just don't drink that much of it to go buy some?...
Virgin On The Beach Drink Recipe

Virgin on the Beach Drink

By Barbara Oseland
Like a Sex on the Beach without the alcohol. Sweet and fruity way to get...
Pear And Raspberry Smoothie Recipe

Pear and Raspberry Smoothie

By Barbara Oseland
Simple to make and naturally sweet. Let the pear age so it is just soft...
Berry Cherry Strawberry Pie Recipe

Berry Cherry Strawberry pie

By Rose Mary Mogan
Because I added additional ingredients to the original Strawberry Pie recipe in my cookbook, and took...
Banana Split Topping Recipe

Banana Split Topping

By Deanna Ogle
Mom used to make this with a box of frozen sliced strawberries but I prefer fresh....