#Fruits Recipes

Wrapped Peaches in Honey Citrus Sauce

By Ariann Childress
These are rich delicious snack-size desserts that my family just loves. Served with French Vanilla ice...

Party Trays!

By Colleen Sowa
We feel that making the food look good... makes the children want to try it! Make every...

Appetizer Cheese Tray By Freda

A simple Cheese tray is the easiest appetizers to Create.

Cranberry Banana Tea Loaf

By Carol L.
This recipe has been a big favorite at my house. For many Christmases, we've made loaves...

Canned Fig Preserves

By margaret mcleod
Everyone loves my fig Preserves on toast and homemade biscuits.

Fresh Peach Dumplings for the Apple Dumpling gang By Freda

If you enjoy apple dumplings, your going to Love "Peach Dumplings"!! Semi Homemade with Cresent Sheets or...

Casserole Toppings

Here is a few topping that you may or may not already use. Take a...

Patty's Pretty-Fruity Salad

By Sarah Deliciosa
Go ahead and freeze this...and let the party guests enjoy this salad partially frozen, yum!

A-1 Safe Produce Wash

By Susan Feliciano
Why pay for an expensive solution to wash your produce, and not be assured that what...


By jamie Beecham
A bit of fall is in the air. I have fresh pears from the neighbor's...


By BonniE !
We all need to drink more water, at least 8 glasses or more a day. ...

Banana Nut Salad

By Sena Wilson
This recipe is a nice change from a green salad. The tangy flavor (from the...

Peanut Butter Stuffed French Toast

By Vanessa "Nikita" Milare
I have many way to make frecnh toast. This is a fav favorite of Uncles. It...

Fruit Roll Ups

By Mandy Holmes
What kid doesn't enjoy a sweet hand held treat. I know my boy's sure liked these...


By Nancy J. Patrykus
In Chicago, four of my church buddies would convene at my home...and we wouls spend the...

Mixed Fruits Oatbar

By Nithiya Sabapathy
A favourite dessert among my family and friends. Best served cold.

Cookies Simply Made With A Cake Mix

By Carol Junkins
Well have heard of doing this but never tried it before ~ well I am...

Mama's Granola

By Betsy Wolfe
I've tweaked this old church recipe over the years. Hearty and can be used as...

Mini Peach Cobbler Recipe

By Lori Koss
I'm sure that you could substitute apples for the peaches. You could probably add YOUR favorite...

Almond Dream Bars

By Mary Gonzalez
I found this recipe I cut out of the local newspaper, while cleaning out my recipe...

Victoria Sponge Cake

By Cosette Khoryati
This is a simple, delicious and kind of old fashioned sponge cake.

Specialty Ice Cream made to order at HOME

By Judy Kaye
My family loves Ice Cream with that extra touch you get in gourmet flavors. So...

drinkable room fragrance :D

By Nicole P.
This recipe was created to fill the air with a Christmas smell to it and by...

Turkey Salad

By rhonda robenolt
If u love turkey u will love this :) & its Healthy
18 Brussels Sprout Recipes

18 Brussels Sprout Recipes

Brussels sprouts get such a bad rap. They are one of our favorite veggies! Their smoky flavor pairs deliciously with cheese, bacon, onions, nuts, and more. A healthy vegetable that is in season right now, now’s the time to start trying new and tasty Brussels sprout recipes. Scroll down for delicious ideas that are sure […]

Pancakes Your Family Will Flip For

Pancakes Your Family Will Flip For

Simple to make, a batch of pancakes is an easy homemade breakfast. A tall stack of fluffy pancakes with butter and drizzled with maple syrup, we can’t think of a better way to start the weekend. It’s a meal everyone will wake up for. So, get out your skillet or heat up a pan. Whether […]

Comfort Food Recipes For Tonight’s Dinner

Comfort Food Recipes For Tonight’s Dinner

With the weather being all over the place these days, comfort food has been what I’ve craved. What’s considered comfort food? Everyone may have a different opinion but it can be a variety of different things. It can be something that reminds you of your childhood, maybe a meal based on the region you live/grew […]