#Fritters Recipes

Amish Corn Fritters Recipe

Amish Corn Fritters

By Linda Kauppinen
Amish food is simply wonderful! I have this recipe from a great cookbook called The Best...
Bea's Sweet Potato Jacks Recipe

Bea's Sweet Potato Jacks

By Bea L.
Some people call these fried pies or fritters but my mama called them jacks. When I...
Sweet Eggplant Fritters Recipe

Sweet Eggplant Fritters

By Debora Hotard
This is a huge family favorite. My mom used to make these for my siblings...
Buffalo-style Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Buffalo-Style Chicken Nuggets

By Brandy Bender
These babies look and sound so yummy!!!! (Found on other recipe site)
Apple Fritters   Deep Fried Recipe


By Nancy J. Patrykus
I made these wonderful little bites, last year just about this time.....APPLE SEASON! 10/23/2011...
Corny Fritters Recipe

Corny Fritters

By Sherry Peyton
This is a lovely recipe I tried from Susartsandfood blog. I only added some jalapenos to...
Dandelion The Misunderstood Herb Recipe

Dandelion the misunderstood herb

By Joanna Gotwald
This is for all the dog lovers out there. Our Mini Schnauzers have stomach trouble...
Veggie Fritters With Onion-topped Cheesy Drizzle Recipe

Veggie Fritters With Onion-Topped Cheesy Drizzle

By Ronna Farley
I am so excited to be sharing this great new recipe! It has a unique combination...
Kraut Fritters Recipe

Kraut Fritters

By Lori McLain
I love sauerkraut and love to try new things with it....these fritters are baked and go...
Pumpkin And Feta Fritters Recipe

Pumpkin And Feta Fritters

By Cassie *
These are so good! I had made them before with zucchini, but used one of my...
Fritter Batter For Bananas Recipe

Fritter Batter for Bananas

By Marcia McCance
Mom's recipe: this one appears to be a plain and simple batter with no frills into...
Apple Fritter Rings Recipe

Apple Fritter Rings

By Cassie *
I found this recipe in my Taste of Home magazine..I like to serve these with ice...
New York Style Corn Fritters Recipe

New York Style Corn Fritters

By Anthony Nicometi Jr
Ever since I had the corn fritters at the restaurant I interned at, I've been hooked!...
Broccoli Bacon Fritters Recipe

Broccoli Bacon Fritters

By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
OK I have done all the cauliflower recipes, time to give broccoli a chance. So I...
Zucchini Fritters Recipe

Zucchini Fritters

By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
An easy and light dinner for any summer night!
Oyster Fritters Recipe

Oyster Fritters

By Patty Sandifer Baskin
This is an adaptation of a very old recipe from Plantation Days
Peach Fritters Recipe


By Linda Kauppinen
These are simply delicious.. served with whipped cream or ice cream!
Apple Ring Fritters Recipe


By Linda Kauppinen
MMmmm MMmmmm Good! Apple ring fritters! They look like doughnuts but what a surprise!...
Sour Cherry Fritters Recipe


By Linda Kauppinen
This fritter recipe you can use virtually any fruit that you want to make the fritters!...
Apple Fritters Recipe

Apple Fritters

By Theresa K
Made this up tonight to satisfy my daughter's pregnancy craving.
Chickpea-barley Fritters Recipe

Chickpea-Barley Fritters

By Maggie Atherton Leiterman
This fritter recipe is a Maggie Original. These fritters can be varied with other legumes, grains,...
Down Home Okra Fritters Recipe

Down Home Okra Fritters

By Cassie *
My family loves these fritters with Chili, Red beans and rice, or just as a snack...
Fritters Recipe


By Donna Graffagnino
The sky is the limit with the ingredients that can be added to the batter including...
Corn Fritters Recipe

Corn Fritters

By Krista Havens
Quick and easy way to use up left over corn or especially good using fresh off...