#Fritter Recipes

Swiss Chard Fritters Recipe

Swiss Chard Fritters

By Morgan Chicarelli
"There are two types of people in this world. People who like fried food and people...
Calas Recipe


By Cheryle Grace
This is an old family recipe from my great grandmother. It used to be a morning...
Spinach Corn Fritters With Maple Chicken Cream Recipe

Spinach Corn Fritters with Maple Chicken Cream

By Tiffany Bannworth
These country fritters are sweet and the sauce is sweeter. You can have this for lunch...
Giant Zucchini-corn Fritter Recipe

Giant Zucchini-Corn Fritter

By Lori McLain
Everything's bigger in Texas they say.....so I decided to prove it with a giant tasty fritter...
Rice Fritters – Easy And Delicious Recipe

Rice Fritters – Easy and Delicious

By Sheila M
These Rice Fritters tastes similar to potato pancakes, but they are even easier to make since...
Poblano Queso Corn Fritters Recipe

Poblano Queso Corn Fritters

By Cari Butler
I was gifted a box of corn poblano medallions once. They were soooo good, but I...
Oat-barley-chickpea Fritters Recipe

Oat-Barley-Chickpea Fritters

By Maggie Atherton Leiterman
This fritter recipe is a Maggie Original. These fritters can be varied with other legumes, grains,...
Broccoli And Feta Fritters Recipe

Broccoli and feta fritters

By Becca John
Crispy on the outside, soft and creamy inside - the perfect fritter! The flavours of the...
My Apple Fritters Recipe

My Apple Fritters

By Sea Sun
Here is my own version of apple fritters with cinnamon and nutmeg inside. I had...
Cauliflower Fritters Recipe

Cauliflower Fritters

By Janet Crow
I love making fritters of all kinds, sweet and savory. If you have someone in...
Seafood Fritters With Marmalade Dipping Sauce Recipe


By Barbara Miller
I love seafood fritters with marmalade dipping sauce because when ever I make them they go...