#Frangelico Recipes

Pear & Apple Gorgonzola Tart With Frangelico & Balsamic Reduction Recipe

Pear & Apple Gorgonzola Tart with Frangelico & Balsamic...

By Ally Phillips
No matter how much you just luvvvvv to cook, sometimes you need inspiration and ideas...well, actually,...
Heavenly Frangelico Shake Recipe

Heavenly Frangelico Shake

By Kelly Williams
A very special shake for adults only! Sinfully delicious with the creamy flavors of chocolate and...
Monk's Butt (don't Shoot Me!) Recipe

Monk's Butt (Don't shoot me!)

By Kelly Williams
Don't shoot me! I didn't come up with the name! LOL!!! Where in the world DO...
Nutty Mudslide Cocktail Recipe

Nutty Mudslide cocktail

By Nor Mac
I just came up with this one. It is very good. Yummy! If you like Kahlua...
Irish Dream Recipe

Irish Dream

By Vickie Parks
You had me at hazelnut liqueur and ice cream! This is certainly my kind of...
Italian Stallion Recipe

Italian Stallion

By Vickie Parks
This drink recipe was included in a flyer that came with a bottle of Tuaca that...