For Kids Recipes

Sydney's Crockpot Lasagna Recipe

Sydney's Crockpot Lasagna

By Sydney Burnside
Our most favorite, easy, yet great for picky kids lasagna. Deliciously tender noodles and meat, and...

Italian Ham And Cheese Omelet Recipe

Italian Ham and Cheese Omelet

By Susan Feliciano
My daughter just made this omelet for lunch. We are both rather small-portion eaters, so the...

Pasta Slaw Recipe

Pasta Slaw

By Shelene Wilhelm
We came up with this recipe after eating pasta slaw at Nordy's BBQ. Neither my husband...

Meatless Nachos Recipe

Meatless Nachos

By Lillian Patterson
Don't get me wrong, I love beef, but sometimes it's so expensive and I'm lazy and...