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Easy Chili Dip

Easy Chili Dip

By Megan Hampton
This is my go to party dip when I'm looking for something quick and easy that...
Wing Dings Ginger Wings By Freda

Wing dings Ginger Wings By Freda

I love Wings No matter How you fix them, These are very easy, & tasty too. Grab...
Can't Get Enough Buffalo Chicken Dip

Can't get enough Buffalo Chicken dip

By Wendy B
Made this for a party recently and people were raving about it. I started with another...
Popper Dip.

Popper Dip-Annette's

By Annette W.
Delicious without the fuss of stuffing and frying whole jalapenos! I made this recipe after having...
Thanksgiving Day Tv Bingo

Thanksgiving Day TV Bingo

By Kim Biegacki
I stumbled upon this about 2 weeks ago and went ahead and printed out the cards...
Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Party Dip

Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Party Dip

By Michelle Perez
Got this from a friend of a friend, she didn't have EXACT measurements, so I had...
Chili Casserole With A Cornmeal Crust

Chili Casserole with a Cornmeal Crust

By Lindsay V
Chili + Cornbread = Happiness
These Spicy Chili Beans Are A Monday Night Football Dinner Favorite!

Super Bowl Award Winning Chili Beans

By Joyce Newman
My personal recipe for spicy chili beans won a "Chili Cook Off" at a Super Bowl...
Tasty Touchdown Crockpot Creation

Tasty Touchdown Crockpot Creation

By Lynne Dewey
Favorite of my son and his friends. All through high school, whenever the guys got...
Nancy's Shrimp Dip

Nancy's Shrimp Dip

By Lolly St John
This recipe came into our family through my brother's past girlfriend, Nancy. Where ever you are,...
A Tray Of Denise's Buffalo Dip.

Denise's Buffalo Chicken Dip

By Denise McShea
I've had lots of Buffalo chicken dip recipes and there isn't a Buffalo chicken I haven't...
Chicken Fajita Bites

Chicken Fajita Bites

By Teresa Jacobson
This recipe may seem a bit involved but it is SOOooo worth it!! The Boar's Head...
Kick Off Con Queso-annette's

Kick Off Con Queso-Annette's

By Annette W.
Who doesn't love a good Cheese dip? I know I do. We also love our Cornhuskers...
Mexican Corn Dip


By joyce deshong

Death by Potato Skins

By Maureen Herrell
These are NOT for dieting. They are, however, delicious. They fly out of the oven, and...
Braunschweiger Ball - Liver

Braunschweiger Ball - Liver

By Sheila M
Wether you are a fan of braunschweiger or not you will love this spread. Great...
Favorite Taco Tortilla Rollups--great For Football Parties And Any Other Gathering!

Favorite Taco Rollups

By Sheila Kremer
This is one of those recipes that I've developed over the years. It is definitely a...
Bacon Wrapped Smokies W/curry Pb Chili Sauce

Bacon Wrapped Smokies w/Curry PB Chili Sauce

By Annette W.
This little Piggy named 'smokie' and this little piggy named 'bacon' got "wrapped" in each others...
Game Day Buffalo Chicken Dip

Game Day Buffalo Chicken Dip

There are many, many versions of this recipe, but this one makes it to the end-zone...
15 Minute Tailgater's Game Day Chili

15 Minute Tailgater's Game Day Chili

Your guests will think you spent the day making this chili! Let them! Made...
These Have Cheese On Top Which I Don't Usually Add.

Easy Crab Stuffed Mushrooms (Microwave)

By Sheila M
I came up with this recipe years ago and it has been a big hit each...
All You Need!

Fast Healthy Ranch Dip

By Renee R.
I can not eat pretzels,chips, veggies without dip! But dip can be SO fattening for such...
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Game Day Bacon Mushroom Appetizers

By Family Favorites
I swear... you can wrap darn near anything with bacon and it's going to be good!...
Photo: Sandralee.com

Corn Dog "Puppies" (Appetizer)

By Family Favorites
Growing up, I absolutely loved corn dogs. So what could be better than an appetizer-size version...