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Arkansas Persimmon Pudding Recipe

Arkansas Persimmon Pudding

By Straws Kitchen
This is not I recipe...there was a Fifty State Cookoff (recipes from all 50 states). This is...

Arkansas Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe


By Straws Kitchen
This is a state favorite..again this is NOR my recipe or my pic (picture). I forget sometimes...

Here's The Fresh Cherry Cobbler Recipe


By Straws Kitchen
Had a request for the Fresh Cherry Cobbler too. This is ofcourse like my peach cobbler...yum yum It's...

Chicken Scallopini With Lemon Recipe

Chicken Scallopini with Lemon

By Scott Anderson
Chicken Scallopini is one of those wonderful old world style dishes that when made right is...

Upside Down Cobbler Recipe

Upside Down Cobbler

By Penny Harrison
This is a delicious crowd pleaser. When I share it with my friends and coworkers, they...

Melting Moments - Dee Dee's Recipe

Melting Moments - Dee Dee's

By Diane Hopson Smith
These classic cookies are rightly named because they really do melt in your mouth! Very addicting! It's been...