#Flapjacks Recipes

Oklahoma Flapjacks Recipe

Oklahoma Flapjacks

By Gail Welch
My mother was born in Haworth, Oklahoma in 1929. This is one of her recipes that...
Pancakes! Recipe


By Annie Wazny
My son can eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! These are perfect to make and...
Country Mile Pancakes With 3 Variations Recipe

Country Mile Pancakes with 3 Variations

By Kelly Williams
Good, old-fashioned pancakes you'd gladly walk a country mile to have! Easy, no-fail, go-to recipe! The...
Light As Air Cranberry Almond Caramel Pancakes Recipe

Light as Air Cranberry Almond Caramel Pancakes

By Barbara Oseland
Using my base Light as Air pancake mix, I have an addition that is wonderful for...
Flapjack Flapper's Flapjacks Recipe

Flapjack Flapper's Flapjacks

By Robyn0220 Starfire
I just finished watching the Lorax and loved it! It made me get out my Dr.Seuss...
Bread Cakes Recipe

Bread Cakes

By Donna Walker
My Mother fixed Bread Cakes for breakfast. It was my favorite breakfast meal. I...
Fluffy Pancakes Recipe

Fluffy Pancakes

By Trish Morris
I promise you these are awesome. I'm a big fan of FLUFFY light pancakes and these...
Flapjacks With Honey And Dry Pomegranate Seed Recipe

Flapjacks with honey and dry Pomegranate seed

By Ramona's Cuisine -
I know that healthier flapjacks might sound a bit like, eerrr, what is a healthy flapjack,...