#Fingerfood Recipes

Piccadilly Circles Ii Recipe

Piccadilly Circles II

By Beth M.
Often we don't eat much at supper time and meatless meals are perfect. I usually...
Two Pigs In A Blanket Recipe

Two Pigs in a Blanket

By Christine Schnepp
Quick and easy finger food the whole family will love. I also serve these as an...
Irene Was Coming To Supper! Recipe

IRENE was coming to SUPPER!

By Beth M.
Any thing you can eat without cooking, is good during a hurricane, and we lost our...
Sweet Heat And Country Ham Mini Sammies Recipe

Sweet Heat and Country Ham Mini Sammies

By Millie Johnson
These little biscuit sandwiches are a prefect finger food at any gathering . I love them...
Favorite Snack: P.b. Graham Dippers Recipe

Favorite Snack: P.B. Graham Dippers

By C C
Got this recipe from my second "Mom," a neighbor who took me under her wing, and...
Haupia - Hawaiian Coconut Finger Pudding Recipe

Haupia - Hawaiian Coconut Finger Pudding

By Julie Madawi
This is a recipe from facebook, "Ono Kine Recipes" page. This was one of my...
Baked Pepperoni Pizza Poufs Recipe

Baked Pepperoni Pizza Poufs

By chris elizondo
What a great idea -and oh so easy...another wonderful FB recipe that gets filed under "favorites"...
Mini Beef Wellington Hors D'ouerves Recipe

Mini Beef Wellington Hors D'ouerves

By Monica Keleher
These are perfect for holiday parties! So yummy!!!! I love beef wellington and was having a...