#Filo Recipes

Bite Size Apple Pies Recipe

Bite Size Apple Pies

By Deneece Gursky
My son was in the mood for apple pie tonight, but i wasn't in the mood...
Tiropita  -  Greek Cheese Pie Recipe

Tiropita - Greek Cheese Pie

By Kim Biegacki
OPA!!! This is for the cheesy, buttery lover in you!! It is one amazing pie...
Tuna And Corn Pillows Recipe

tuna and corn pillows

By Lisa 'Gayle' Goff
These are really easy and very easily adapted for personal preferences but this specific filling is...
Filo Meat Pie Recipe

Filo Meat Pie

By Hanan Hussein
A traditional middle eastern dish that is a favorite for almost everyone. It is easy to...
Lighter Apple Dumpling Recipe

Lighter Apple Dumpling

Fixing something light in my house does not get eaten to often but my grandson...
Baklava Recipe


By Hanan Hussein
A favorite for all the family any day of the year but even more so during...