Quick & Easy Healthy #Fast Recipes

Jul 29, 2020

Healthy Hamburger Mix of Beef and Turkey

By Marti Green
I'm always working my recipes to keep my calories down. Mixing lean hamburger and adding ground...
Jul 28, 2020

Mom's Spiced Chicken Bites

By Sara Andrea
I had some extra chicken to cook up before it went bad so I put some...
Oct 10, 2019

Cowboy all day beans

By 'Ria Murphy
Beans are often a cheaper buy than other base ingredients. When I was raising my kids...
Aug 1, 2019


By BonniE !
We love zucchini, and we eat it all year round. I was looking for a healthier...
May 8, 2019

Easy, Healthy Breakfast Burrito

By Amy Herald
This is a super quick and easy, healthy breakfast, you can even take with you when...
Feb 2, 2018

Comforting Cabbage-Sausage Stew

By Pat Morris
Soups and stews are so comforting - especially when you aren't feeling up to par. ...
Jan 9, 2016

Confetti Eggs

By Glenda Purvis
This is a versatile, great brunch/lunch or light supper that uses up the vegetables you have...
Dec 8, 2015

Cod with Brown Butter and Capers

By Jennifer H
This is a super easy, super fast weeknight dinner. It can be adapted for your preference...
Oct 21, 2015

Awesome Egg and Banana Pancakes (Gluten Free)

By Andy Anderson !
Here’s a little something for your morning meal that will fill you up and make you...
Oct 14, 2015

Black Bean and Vegetable Quesadilla

By Rebecca Trent
I was skeptical to try this recipe, but was surprised at the great flavor. I'm not...
Aug 19, 2015

Super Fast & Filling Green Tea and Chia Pudding

By Julie Ann Keene
I like to keep bags of frozen fruit for an easy way to add vibrant flavor-...
Mar 6, 2015

Slammin Salmon Cakes

By Tiege stucky
On a snowy night when I didn't get out to the store,I needed something for dinner.So...
Feb 7, 2015

David's Crock Pot Roast or Stew

By David Kuhlmann
This dish can be made much easier by not browning anything,but the flavor will not be...
Jan 17, 2015


By Tere Gill
This is not the usual salmon seasoned with that "lemon pepper seasoning" from a shaker bottle....
Sep 24, 2014

Jemilah's Roasted turkey Grilled Cheese

By iris mccall
My son Jemilah and I prepared this together, well he prepared it and I provided the...
Sep 7, 2014

Orange Beef, Iris

By iris mccall
Really good orange beef, add your choice of chilis if you need the kick. Still juicy...
Aug 30, 2014

Chinese Five Spice Crusted Beef

By Beth Renzetti
Another exciting recipe. The original was for duck breasts. This is so simple yet...
Aug 29, 2014

Grilled Oysters with Tarragon Butter

By Beth Renzetti
*I* don't like seafood but my family does so each New Year in an untraditional Italian...
Aug 28, 2014

Shanghai Eggplant

By Beth Renzetti
One of my favorite dishes!
Aug 25, 2014

Tomato Eggs Recipe

By Beth Renzetti
Tomato eggs is a popular Chinese recipe–a humble dish that is often served at home. Tomato...
Aug 25, 2014

Mexican Street Corn Salad

By iris mccall
I love the Mexican corn that vendors serve on the street. This is served without muss...
Aug 25, 2014

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

By Beth Renzetti
Using cherries native to the Pacific Northwest, no sugar added, naturally sweetened with the cocoa powder,...
Aug 20, 2014

Garden Ranch Personal Pizza

By Kami Roberts
This is a nice easy lunch dish or a dinner-for-one for those days when you don't...
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