Quick & Easy #Fast Recipes

Crispy Chicken Salad By Freda

This is one of "My favorite" all time Easy to put together salads, also Very Nourishing...


By Susan Din
3 simple ingredients. This dip tastes amazing with all fruit-I especially like it with pineapple and...

3, 2, 1 Cake

By penny jordan
These individual little cakes are amazing and ready to eat in one minute! They are perfect...

Breakfast on the Go muffins

By Didi Dalaba
This recipe was my adoption of one of my favorite author's, Joanne Fluke book series. I made...

SUGAR FREE Chocolate Cake

By Lyn Starr
For Chocolate lovers

Fabulous Fudge Via Clementine Paddleford

By Martha Price
In the 1950's and 1960's Clementine Paddleford had a recipe column in This Week Magazine. At...

Lemon Cream Scones

By Gennifer DeLille
These are a family favorite! The heavy cream keeps the scones from being dry!

Aunt Judy's Chicken and Dressing Casserole

By Debby Nelson
Fast and Easy. Good for a crowd. Always have to share the recipe.

Chicken Breasts In Creamy Curry Sauce

By Martha Price
This recipe for Chicken Curry is very easy and very good. Rich and creamy! Serve with hot...

Buffalo Chicken Ranch Dip

By Sharonne Jacobs
My spin on a recipe I saw on Facebook.

Fast Peach Cobler

By Tiffnie Jefferson-Fields
My Grandma gave me this recipe and I love it..... it is sooooooo good alone or...

Cinamon Biscuits with a lil extra!! __Bebita

By Martha Aguirre
I was looking for a recipe for biscuits to make this morning and I found this...

Pudding Cake M&M Bars-Annette's

By Annette W.
These yummy cake bars couldn't be any easier to make. You can throw them together in...

5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

By Teresa Bryant
This cake is super fast and easy to make. It's perfect for that "sweet" craving...

Chocolate Cake in a Coffee Mug

By Tonna Canfield
This is so quick and so good! Homemade Chocolate Cake in a minute and a half!...

BLT Rollers

By Pam Crist
Our friends have a BLT party every summer and I make these appetizers and also my...

Broccoli and Rice Casserole

By Elizabeth Lancaster
This is an easy dinner for busy moms on the go, I would know. Sometimes after...

No Flour Pumpkin Pancakes Lips Will Smack Ur Face

By Genny Bortner
Several years ago I learned that even though I was eating the "good" whole wheat carbs,...

Goose Feather Cake

By Michelle downey
This recipe is so quick and easy, made from start to finish w/in 45 minutes but...


By BonniE !
This is a keeper, and you won't believe how easy it is to prepare. It...

the Greatest & Easiest Chocolate Cake

By Lyn Starr
Use the finest Chocolate (NOT Dutch) you can find. The original recipe came from the...

Devil's Food Quick'n Easy - Super Moist - Aunt Virginia Used to...

By Linda McCormick
As a child my favorite Aunt Virginia was known for this fudge-like rich and moist devil's...

Rum Cake Supreme

By Holly H
This is one of those "family secrets" recipies that everyone in the family knows about, and...

Condensed Milk Cake

By Gennifer DeLille
Serve with butter, honey or jelly for breakfast or top with a light frosting for dessert!
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