#English Muffin Recipes

Poched Egg On An English Muffin With Spam Under The Egg...spams The Star In This Sammie Challenge

Cin`s "Spamalama Poached Spamwiches"

By Straws Kitchen
Had these for Breakfast...funny thing is IT TURNED OUT TO BE GOOD!!! I like Spam anyway, so...
Eggs Benedict Ala Ellen


By Ellen Bales
I absolutely adore eggs Benedict and I order them in restaurants every chance I get. But...
The Blt&e Burger! Great For Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner!!
A Perfect Meal Anytime!

BLT&E Burger

By christopher lucchese
Breakfast is the start of every good day. So why not incorporate the best of...
Ham And Swiss Egg Sandwiches

Ham and Swiss Egg Sandwiches

By Lynette !
Great breakfast to make and rush out the door!
Eggs Benny

Eggs Benny

By sharon flanagan
"For breakfast or brunch, EGGS BENNY is pure delight to the taste buds & easy to...
Easy Healthier Eggs Benedict

Easy Healthier Eggs Benedict

By Amy Herald
This is so good with very little fat and adding a little bit of fiber by...