#Energy Recipes

Power Protein Pick-me-up Smoothie Recipe

Power Protein Pick-Me-Up Smoothie

By Viktoria Bri
This is my favorite smoothie! Packed full of protein, fruit, and pro-biotics for energy and good...
Microwave Energy Bars Recipe

Microwave Energy Bars

By Donna Nelson
these are delicious and adaptable, I have used almond butter and honey instead of the peanut...
Green Machine Smoothie Recipe

Green Machine Smoothie

By wanda sluss
This is my favorite breakfast smoothie!
Rise & Shine Smoothie Recipe

Rise & Shine Smoothie

By Anthony Nicometi Jr
This is my Favorite Smoothie ever! Gives you soooooooooo much Energy! and its all natural. Replace...
No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Bars. Recipe

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Bars.

By Jacquelyn Limina
This recipe is addictive and filling. Could even be used as an energy bar.
Power Balls Recipe

Power Balls

By Susan Barton
My dear friend, Connie Lamb gave me this recipe and it has been a real winner! If...
Crunchy Nutella Energy Nuggets Recipe

Crunchy Nutella Energy Nuggets

By Robyn0220 Starfire
These are a bit like no bake cookies. And are excellent when you get a craving...
Coconut Cream Pie Knock Off Larabars Recipe

Coconut Cream Pie Knock Off LaraBars

By Heather Trice
I find the recipe may seem a bit crumbly but once you get them wrapped and...
Energy Bites Recipe

Energy Bites

By RC :)
Recipe and picture are from the "Strength in Plants" column by Kate Murray in the Reading...