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    Palmiers (Elephant Ears)

    By Diane Davis
    This is one of my favorite cookies. I was SO happy to find it in "Le...

    Elephant Ears and Beaver's Tails

    By Jennifer McConnell
    Depending on where you're from, these are either called Elephant Ears (at most US state fairs)...

    Elephant Ears

    By Dana Walker
    A fav in the family!! I remember when we use to get these from a county...

    Mini Elephant Ears

    By Stormy Stewart
    now you don't have to go to a fair to enjoy these sweet treats

    Baked Elephant Ears

    By Pat Duran
    Susan says of her Taste of Home recipe," They'll remember these crispy home-baked pastries long after...

    Elephant Ear Cheesecake

    By Marge Schick
    My friend Katie brought this to a "Ham Radio" club gathering, it was unbelievable - super...

    Kaye's Slow Cooker Spaghetti Sauce

    By Sam & Kaye Allen
    This is a recipe that has become a family favorite. You can freeze this in lock...

    Succotash with Dry Vermouth

    By Margaret Frye
    Having a pinch of American Indian in me and wanting to make this Thanksgiving a vegetarian...


    By Nancy J. Patrykus
    This is a special recipe. Take the children on a safari in the park. Look for a elephant... It...

    Elephant Stew

    By Holly Roeder
    Remember, Cooking is Fun!

    Elephant Stew

    By Deb Kotansky
    Just for fun. I actually found this years ago in an old cookbook I have. It...

    Mother's Elephant Stew

    By ginger nix
    I found this in a church cookbook! I got really tickled and thought my fellow...

    Elephant Stew

    By Doris Ware
    I Love This Little Stew So For Fun Thought I Would Share With All Of You. ...

    Elephant Stew

    By Traci Coleman
    This is from an old cookbook that credits Edie Marks of Harrisburg, PA for this fun...

    Elephant Stew

    By Norma DeRemer
    This is so funny that I had to share it. Just for fun! A resident at the...

    Elephant Stew

    By Tara Caputo
    I made this recipe up I hope you all enjoy it because it does feed plenty!

    Elephant Stew

    By donna morales
    Have had this recipe for a long time. Never have tried it though. Just don't have...

    Elephant Stew

    By Tammy Gresham
    This is fun so i Thought i share this one! ( this is just for laughs)
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