#Eggs Recipes

Loaded Grits Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Loaded Grits Breakfast Casserole

By Robin Lieneke
This amazingly creamy casserole will convert even grit haters. The perfect comfort food, it is...

Beefy Beef Hash Recipe

Beefy Beef Hash

By Didi Dalaba
Who say's breakfast for dinner has to be boring, and same 'ol, same 'ol? I don't know...

Chris's Manly Quiche Recipe

Chris's Manly Quiche

By Kimberly S
Chock-full of ham, broccoli, and cheese, with just enough eggs to hold it together, this is...

Amish Custard Pie Recipe

Amish Custard Pie

By Cassie *
I was given this recipe from an old Amish neighbor...she always shared her yummy recipes with...

Eggs Benny Recipe

Eggs Benny

By sharon flanagan
"For breakfast or brunch, EGGS BENNY is pure delight to the taste buds & easy to...

Old-fashioned Pumpkin Cookies Recipe

Old-Fashioned Pumpkin Cookies

By C P
With the autumn season fast approaching, pumpkins will be everywhere. From pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin...

Southwestern Brunch Eggs Recipe

Southwestern Brunch Eggs

By Geoffry Le Cher
Sometimes it is all about the Southwestern culture. I love the smokey cumin, cilantro and chorizo...

(spanish) Potato Omelette Recipe

(Spanish) Potato Omelette

By Martha Ramirez
just made this for breakfast and besides beign delicious its very full feeling. I made...

Prune And Caraway Ice Cream Recipe

Prune and Caraway Ice Cream

By Robin DuPree
The other members must be on the same wavelength as myself because I was thinking about...

Kicked Up Layered Salad Recipe

Kicked Up Layered Salad

By Jennifer Smith
This is such a filling salad. You can substitute low fat ingredients. It's healthy too!