#Eggs Recipes

Best Ever French Toast Recipe


By Julie Bailey
My mother-in-law always made the best French Toast and said it was due to her "secret...

Texas Two-step Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Texas Two-Step Breakfast Casserole

By Michelle London
I made some modifications to a typical Southwest breakfast casserole recipe. I love this recipe because...

Pennsylvania Dutch Red Beet Eggs Recipe

Pennsylvania Dutch Red Beet Eggs

By Cyndi Hodge
My Mother introduced this recipe to me when I was little. Every Holiday Easter, Thanksgiving &...

Macaroni Egg Salad Recipe

Macaroni Egg Salad

By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
I love a good macaroni salad, everybody makes it different. This is my mother-in-laws recipe, She...

Pickled Eggs Recipe

Pickled Eggs

By Lou Kostura
I love to make these with the juice that's left over after having a beet salad....

Southwestern Brunch Eggs Recipe

Southwestern Brunch Eggs

By Geoffry Le Cher
Sometimes it is all about the Southwestern culture. I love the smokey cumin, cilantro and chorizo...

(spanish) Potato Omelette Recipe

(Spanish) Potato Omelette

By Martha Ramirez
just made this for breakfast and besides beign delicious its very full feeling. I made...