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    Best Brisket EVER eaten; melts in your mouth, AND in your hand!

    By Jenn Cook
    After DAYS of testing the perfect rub combination I finally found it!! This has been tested...

    Samosas and Wrapper Recipe

    By Karen Vandevander
    I adopted this recipe and changed it up a bit to make it more authentic. ...

    Strawberry Fluff

    By Louise Greene
    Got this from my friend Nancy

    Nacho Lasagna

    By Mary Wallace-Robbins
    I just got creative one day when we had chili left overs and since we had...

    Spinach and Dark Leafy Greens

    By Susan Feliciano
    When we talk about eating our greens, most of us think of a big heaping bowl...

    Hungarian Goulash

    By Shelia Senghas
    I am glad this recipe was among my grandmother’s written recipes as I remember this as...

    Joy's Quinoa Tabbouleh

    By Joy Durham
    Our family has Celiac Disease (gluten, lactose, egg intolerance), a soy allergy, and Diabetics. Fortunately, our daughter...

    Pepper 'N Egg Hoagie

    By Linda Griffith
    I have hemmed and hawed about putting this recipe on here because a dear friend of...

    Old-Fashioned Butter Tart Bars

    By Patty Ward
    I love bar cookie recipes. This one sounds so delicious! I have not tried it, but plan...

    Carmel Apple Pie

    By Angela DuFay
    I had apples that needed to be used, but I was tired of making plain apple...
    Your Go-To Easter Menu

    Your Go-To Easter Menu

    From Easter brunch to Easter dinner, we have your menu for your holiday meal. Whether you’re in charge of the main dish, appetizer, side dish, or dessert, we have the family-tested and approved recipes you need.

    12 Lovely Coffee Cake Recipes

    12 Lovely Coffee Cake Recipes

    Perfect with your morning coffee or as a treat after dinner, coffee cakes are one of our favorite indulgences. Sweet, heavenly, and full of flavor, coffee cakes are a great go-to for family get-togethers or a random Sunday. Grab a slice and get ready to enjoy!

    10 Ways To Enjoy Carrot Cake Flavor

    10 Ways To Enjoy Carrot Cake Flavor

    Filled with shredded carrots and spices like cinnamon and ginger, carrot cake is a fantastic springtime dessert. Everyone has a preference for other ingredients they add. Popular mix-ins include pineapple, raisins, and/or chopped nuts. Topped with a tangy cream cheese frosting, it’s delicious. But, it’s not just a dessert. You can enjoy all carrot cake flavors […]