#Easy Recipes

~ Banana Cream Bread ~ Recipe

~ Banana Cream Bread ~

By Cassie *
I decided to experiment with a new banana bread, by using a banana cream pudding along...
~ Shrimpilicious Shrimp Cakes ~ My Way Recipe

~ Shrimpilicious Shrimp Cakes ~ My Way

By Cassie *
Serve as main course...in a sandwich with your favorite sauce..or make them smaller for an appetizer.
~ Melting Moments Brownies ~ Recipe

~ Melting Moments Brownies ~

By Cassie *
These brownies literally melt in your mouth! Soooo moist! Best to have a nice cold glass...
~ Parmesan Potato Chowder ~ Recipe

~ Parmesan Potato Chowder ~

By Cassie *
My addition of Parmesan cheese to this chowder added a great depth of flavor! Add shrimp,...
Southwestern Brunch Eggs Recipe

Southwestern Brunch Eggs

By Geoffry Le Cher
Sometimes it is all about the Southwestern culture. I love the smokey cumin, cilantro and chorizo...