#Dumplings Recipes

Nifla Aka German Dumplings Recipe

Nifla AKA German Dumplings

By Brandy Bender
My Great Grandmother tought my Grandmother who tought my Mother who tought me how to make...
Fresh Peach Dumplings For The Apple Dumpling Gang By Freda Recipe

Fresh Peach Dumplings for the Apple Dumpling gang By Freda

If you enjoy apple dumplings, your going to Love "Peach Dumplings"!! Semi Homemade with Cresent Sheets or...
Zen Temple Dumplings Recipe

Zen Temple Dumplings

By Maria Arkle
"Zen" refers to a style of Buddhism (most Buddhists are vegetarian, but not all), however this...
Chicken And Dumplings Recipe

Chicken and Dumplings

By shirley terhaar
I think everyone likes chicken and dumplings.I know i do i was raised on them .This...