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Instant Pudding Chiffon Cake

By Maddie Bell
This easy and delicious cake can be made in light or vivid lemon flavor...your choice! Just...

Basic Cake Mix Cookies & Cake/Pudding Mix Cookies

By Amanda Camden-Spina
As a total baking novice, there is nothing I love more than finding super simple, yet...

Instant Pudding Dessert, Grandma W

By Megan Stewart
This is a super easy recipe, and you can flavor it with any flavor pudding you...

Dirty worm pudding mix in a jar

By Stormy Stewart
A bit of outdoor scary brought inside to enjoy. Your kids will love these dirt cups...

Homemade Coconut Pudding Mix

By Amy Alusa
The only negative about this one is that you have to add the coconut when you...


By maryrose hope

Soft and Chewy Pudding Mix Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Anna Sciancalepore Antoniello
I love this recipe because the cookies come out just like the title says...soft and chewy. If...

Make your own Ranch, Dry Onion Soup Mix and Taco S

By Brenda Staub
I have not tried these but going to have too. Will be nice to have these...

Mom's Chocolate Pudding Mix

By Martha Price
I found this recipe while looking through mom's large collection of recipes. I'm not sure where...
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