Cocktail Recipes



Voodoo Juice

By Thea Pappalardo
This is a drink I had in New Orleans in a place called LaBayou. I...


By Thea Pappalardo
This is the original recipe for a drink that was created by a New Orleans bar...


By Amy Black
A great drink to share with your sweetie, or celebrate with your best girlfriends!

Perfect Red Apple Martini

By Lillian Russo
I've tried many red apple martinis and found out that simple is best! I don't like...


By Debbie W
This is an ez peasy way to make Margaritas..They are sweet and tangy frozen goodness!!

Beer Margarita

By Holly Deshane
don't know if this has been posted in any other group, but this is delicious--the kosher...

Jello Shots

By Kathy Basik
I used these as colorful ice cubes along with crushed ice.

Apple Pie Cordial

By Joanne Bellezza-Loughlin
Now I always have apple pie in my frig. ;-) This cordial is so easy to...

Amaretto Cranberry Kiss

By Patrice Manning
If you have a lot of cranberry juice cocktail sitting in the frig. you might like...

Key Largo

By Patrice Manning
Here is the drink of the week from my local newspaper. The reason for the recipe...

Dirty Girl Scouts (Adult only pudding shot)

By sharon cowles
These are so good...If you like the mint girl scout cookies, you'll love this one.. ..I...


By Patrice Manning
Happy Birthday Desi Arnaz! on March 2. This recipe from the newspaper was dedicated to him....

Frozen Mary

By Jane Whittaker
This is a method, more than a recipe. Feel free to add more or less of...

Nutty Irishman

By Patrice Manning
Here's my drink to the IRISH!

Dandelion Wine

By Jane Whittaker
This is a really old recipe. You can use rose petals as well for this. The...

Blue Romulan Ale

By Chriss Crotsenburg
Ok, I dont drink but this I have been told is a genius if not extremly...

Sweet Thing Cocktail

By Patrice Manning
This weeks Happy Birthday drink, in the Denver Post, is for Chaka Khan. She has hits...

Eccentric Haus Frau's Liquid Demerol aka Amaretto

By LeAnna Lyons
I made this recipe for Christmas gifts shortly after moving home from Germany. Then a...

Power Outage Irish Creme

By LeAnna Lyons
After making up this recipe the first time, the name "Power Outage" came to mind because...

Boiler Maker

By Patrice Manning
Todays drink in the Denver Post is for Rhea Perlman (Cheers) whose having her 63 birthday...

Captain Smash

By Katie Smith
Delicious, rum punch! Great summer cocktail.

Cranberry Ginger Tea

Its a great refreshing drink for entertaining, If you like a kick add some vodka..

Oatmeal Cookie Shot

By Nikki Schotten
I have bartended for 12 years, out of all the shots i have ever made this...
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