#Dog Recipes

Coney Island Style Chili Dog Pie Recipe


By Darlene Castro
Tastes so much like a Coney dog, you'll almost think you're there!
Peggi's Own Hound Dog Bites  (for Humans) Recipe


By Peggi Anne Tebben
So...I had made of some of Jane Louis' Peanut Butter Fluff & was wondering what I...
Jo-jo's Birthday Cake (for Dogs) Recipe

Jo-Jo's Birthday Cake (for dogs)

By Jessica Dana
I wanted to make a cake edible for humans and dogs for my baby's 3rd birthday...
Hillbilly Hot Dogs Recipe

Hillbilly Hot Dogs

By Kim Biegacki
I just recently spent some time with family from my Grandpa Campbellā€™s side in Ansted, WVA....
Canine Beef And Vegetables Recipe

Canine Beef and Vegetables

By Joanne Voth
After learning more about pet nutrition, I decided to put together a few fresh and natural...
Crestview Ultimate Sausage Dog Recipe

Crestview Ultimate Sausage Dog

By Sherri Williams
A great sausage dog made here in Crestview Florida. Delicious!!! sw:)
Sweet Potato Dog Treats Recipe

Sweet Potato Dog Treats

By Stormy Stewart
This recipe is high in vitamins and protein, two things your dog needs. And the result,...
Cheezy Biscuits Recipe

Cheezy Biscuits

By Stormy Stewart
I wouldn't steal this dogs treats. It is Cody-lu's favorite snack
Then I Am Old Recipe

Then I am Old

By Stormy Stewart
Author was unknown but it fits me to a tee
Hot Dog Bun Vanilla Bread Pudding Recipe

Hot Dog Bun Vanilla Bread Pudding

By Kellie Parker
My husband and I cook dinner for our youth on Wed night at our church. last...
Yellow Submarine Food Truck's Yellow Dog Recipe

Yellow submarine food truck's Yellow Dog

By Jennie Pagano
Not my original recipe but a family favorite all the same. I had to recreate it...
Doggie Biscotti Recipe

Doggie Biscotti

By Barbara Oseland
Doggies need treats too!!! This treat has Carob chips in it. These are like...
Veggie Casserole For Your Dog Recipe

Veggie Casserole for your dog

By Patty Damm
if your looking for a pet recipe that for goes the meat. You can introduce meatless...
Doggie  Peanut Butter Treats    For Your Furry Friend Recipe

DOGGIE PEANUT BUTTER TREATS for your furry friend

By Nancy J. Patrykus
Recipe is from my doggie doctor. I have passed it on many times to my furry...
Doggies 'n Crescents Recipe

Doggies 'N Crescents

By Vanessa "Nikita" Milare
You can never have to many finger foods. My nephew loves this recipes cause it has...
Tibby, Our Female Schnoodle Recipe

Tibby, Our Female Schnoodle

By Kim Biegacki
Well this is Tibby's introduction to Just a Pinch Recipe Club. She is our almost 3...
Paczki, Our Male Schnoodle Recipe

Paczki, Our Male Schnoodle

By Kim Biegacki
Well, this is our little puppy that we got most recently from Windy Hill Kennel. The...
Parmesan Dog Treats Recipe

Parmesan Dog Treats

By Barbara Oseland
Okay, cheesy I know, but this year with the addition of little Dixon, I am making...
Stuffing For Your Dog's Kong Recipe

Stuffing for your Dog's Kong

By Barbara Oseland
You know that toy your dog loves? If you put treats in it, they go...
Celine's Christmas Pumpkin Cookies For Dogs! Recipe

Celine's Christmas Pumpkin Cookies for Dogs!

By Stacia Osborn
Fabulous, thoughtful gift for your friends with dogs! My friend Celine is a professional baker and...
Bone A Fidos (rose Beranbaum's Doggie Cookies) Recipe

Bone a Fidos (Rose Beranbaum's doggie cookies)

By Stacia Osborn
This recipe is a little bit more involved, but it is from the author of The...
Dog Nog Recipe

Dog Nog

By Kim Biegacki
I'm not the only Eggnog Lover in the house. Paczki and Tibby our Schnoodles love...
Banana And Peanut Butter Dog Treats Recipe

Banana and Peanut Butter Dog Treats

By Barbara Oseland
My dog just loves these. When I have some bananas left, I can divide them...
Tasty Little Peanut Butter Treats For Your Dog Recipe

Tasty Little Peanut Butter Treats for Your Dog

By Barbara Oseland
My dog loves these, and I love what it has IN them. Because I use...