#Dinner Rolls Recipes

A Baking Dish Filled With Sweet Yeast Rolls.

The Best Sweet Yeast Roll Dough I Have Ever Found

By Kathie Carr
A traditional sweet yeast dinner roll recipe. It takes quite a while to make these. Not...
The Rolls Have A Nice Texture, But I Didn't Get The Shape Like Mom Did.  I'll Tweak The Recipe Next Time I Make Them.


By Beth M.
A project for a cold winter day, not when you're in a rush. It is...
Garlic Parmesan Rolls Sooo Easy

Garlic Parmesan Rolls Sooo Easy

By Deneece Gursky
These are so easy and so yummy! Love em fresh from the oven with my sausage...
Part Of The Total 5 Dozen This Recipe Makes.

Mom's Dinner Rolls

By Rosemary Mills
My mother worked to perfect this recipe for a couple of years. Now we all can...
Mozzarella Cheese Yeast Dinner Rolls

Mozzarella Cheese Yeast Dinner Rolls

By Mary Philio
This is such a wonderful, soft and fluffy dinner roll. With the butter and olive oil...
Crescent Rolls-bread Machine

Crescent Rolls-Bread Machine

By Sharon Perez
These come out just like the ones in the tube!!! Make your own and use...
Easy Cheat Bar B Que Chicken Calzones

Easy Cheat Bar B Que Chicken Calzones

By Dee Tourville
This is an easy calzone on those days you just don't have time for the real...
Nanner Rolls

Nanner Rolls

By Melody U.
I've been making this recipe for 23 years, ever since my mother-in-law gave it to me,...
Semi-homemade Sourdough Dinner Rolls

Semi-Homemade Sourdough Dinner Rolls

By Donna Graffagnino
I love the taste of Pillsbury French Loaf (I call it Tube Bread) and I make...
Best Ever Crescent Rolls

Best Ever Crescent Rolls

By Nathaniel Lutz
These rolls are very moist and slightly sweet. Great for Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner! Enjoy!
Not Really The Bread I Made, Just An Image From The Internet -- But This Is What It Looked Like.

Rye Bread with Caraway and Peanut Brittle

By Janice Joy Miller
My daughter, Seane Marie, is quite the successful young business woman. Like me, she has a...
Just Ducky Dinner Rolls

Just Ducky Dinner Rolls

By Family Favorites
These are just adorable! And they look much harder than they really are. I started making...
Pat Mom's Yeast Rolls

Pat "Mom's" Yeast Rolls

By Marion Dyess
I would like to add a special note of thanks to Bonnie Beck sailboat. When...
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Creamy Sweet Coconut Rolls (Quick & Delicious!)

By Family Favorites
These are wonderful, sweet, fluffy dinner rolls with a mild, sweet coconut sauce that slightly puddles...
The Smell That Creeps Throughout The House While These Are Baking Should Be Against The Law!!!! Omg!

Sweet & Fluffy Dinner Rolls

By Christina Haley
These are so delicious for any occasion. I also use the same dough to...
Here Is One Sample Of The Many Things You Can Make With A Basic Sweet Dough Recipe. I Think Potato Flakes Make For A More Tender, Moist Dough. If You Want, You Can Use Some Leftover Mashed Potatoes, About1/4 Cup And Just Compensate With Less Liquid.

Simple All-Purpose Sweet Dough

By Linda Mericle
This is the basic sweet dough recipe we used in cooking class. With this you can...
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Amish "Fancy" Butter and Egg Dinner Rolls

By Family Favorites
Another recipe that I brought home from my trip to an Amish community in northern Indiana....
Slices Beautifully For Sandwiches, As Thin As You Wish.

Amish Sweet & Yeasty White Bread or Rolls

By Family Favorites
This is the ultimate white Amish bread, made with all of the ingredients necessary for a...
Mamaw Daniel's Dinner Rolls

Mamaw Daniel's Dinner Rolls

By Amy Herald
When I was little, my grandmother would make these dinner rolls for every holiday dinner. They...