#Detox Recipes

I Had Poisin Ivy All Over My Face!  Clay Mask, Gone In 2 Days.

Detox Clay Bath/Face/Body

By Misty Hefner
My grandson is autistic (aspie). Research lead me to this DYI to remove heavy metals and...
Raspberry Chia Tea

Skin/Hair Moisturizing Raspberry Chia Green Tea

By Judy Rowland
After paying $5 for a small bottle of this in the health food store I decided...
Cilantro Water With Or W/o Fruit (detox Beverage)

Cilantro Water with or w/o Fruit (Detox Beverage)

By Tiffany Bannworth
Cilantro is long prized for its ability to detox the body. Cilantro is so effectual it...
Summer Detox Water

Summer Detox Water

By Kim Biegacki
Summer ushers in all the wonderful festivals and fairs that we love to attend. They also...
Green Smoothie - For Beginner - No Pulp (blended)

Green Smoothie - For Beginner - No Pulp (Blended)

By Molly Kumar
It's a sweet tasting green smoothie made using kale and can be stored in fridge for...