Caterpillar Cake From Mr. Food



Looking for a unique cake to make for a kids' party? When you present this fun caterpillar cake, it's gonna be time to celebrate a birthday or ANY day!

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25 Min


18 1/4oz pkg
white cake mix or your choice of flavor batter prepared according to package directions
2 Tbsp
rainbow colored sprinkles
(2) 16oz can(s)
vanilla frosting
1/2 tsp
green food color
snowball (coconut- and marshmallow-covered chocolate cake)
4 small
gumdrops (2 yellow and 2 purple)
2 small
pretzel sticks
1 large
red gumdrop
pieces candy corn
1/4 c
dry roasted peanuts, separated into halves


1Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Coat a Bundt pan with cooking spray. Add sprinkles to prepared batter. Stir quickly then pour into Bundt pan and bake according to package directions. Allow to cool slightly then remove to a wire rack. Allow to cool completely.
2Cut cake into three equal pieces. In a medium bowl,combine frosting and food color. Mix well. Place cake pieces flat-side down on a serving plate. Connect cut edges with colored frosting to form an "S" shape. Frost the cake. Then,if desired,give it a textured look by dragging the back of a spoon back and forth over the top of the cake,making ridges.
3Press the Snowball onto one end of the cake to form a head. Stick one purple gumdrop on the end of each pretzel stick and stick them into the top of the head as antennae. Secure the yellow gumdrop eyes to the head with toothpicks. Slice the red gumdrop in half horizontally then in half vertically.
4Secure one piece of the red gumdrop with a toothpick to form the mouth (eat or discard the remaining red gumdrop pieces). Press large ends of candy corn into frosting just behind the head to form the ruff around the head. Place peanuts in clusters of three along both sides of caterpillar cake to form feet. Crush some chocolate graham crackers and spread them on the platter around the cake to make it look like your "caterpillar" is crawling in soil!

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