Cookie Recipes

Chocolate Gingerbread Men Recipe

Chocolate Gingerbread Men

By Suzan Powers
I have made these delicious cookies for almost 10 years at Christmas. The chocolate and gingerbread...

Chocolate Goody Bars Recipe

Chocolate Goody Bars

By Carole F
This is a Better Homes and Garden cookbook recipe. A little bit of everything goes...

Chocolate Goody Bars By Freda Recipe

Chocolate Goody Bars By Freda

Made in a Cookie Sheet, these make enough for a Crowd, 36 bars. Chocolate bars topped...

Chocolate Hazlenut Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Hazlenut Cookies

By Gail Charbonneau
This is the first year I've made these cookies with my regular Christmas cookies. They...

Chocolate In-between Bars Recipe

Chocolate In-Between Bars

By Angela (Grammy) Derby
These "Chocolate In-Betweens" are that perfect mixture of oatmeal cookie with a chocolate filling that tastes...

Chocolate Kissed Coconut Macaroons Recipe

Chocolate Kissed Coconut Macaroons

By Lisa Foote
Coconut and chocolate were made to be together! These are easy cookies that you can make...