For Kids Candy Recipes


By Eddie Jordan
This molasses candy is just the thing for a after dinner treat. I bet you can't...

Cream Caramels

By Aurora McBee
This is Jacques Pepin's recipe, to which I've added a vanilla bean. It's simple, easy,...

Pop's Molasses Popcorn Balls & Taffy

By Dee Stillwell
This recipe has been in our family for over 100 years. My dad's mother would make...


By Jo Anne Sugimoto
I have almost forgotten about this memory maker recipe. I can't find the actual recipe,...

Marshmallow Peppermint Popcorn

By Leah Stacey
I got this recipe from good friend of mine. This stuff is seriously addicting! It makes...

Candy Cane Almond Bark

By Colleen Sowa
This is another Christmas tradition! I have been making this for over 50 years (I...

Candy Bar Fudge

By Kimi Gaines
I'm all about me some fudge and add candy bar into it...I am a there...

Candy Strawberries

By Leah Stacey
Here is another tasty treat that I helped my mom make around Christmas time growing up....

Red Velvet Balls

By Diane Hughes
One of the ladies at my church made this the other day and they were wonderful....


By Jo Anne Sugimoto
My newest obsession!!! Here is a cake pop with Dulce de Leche in it! It's not my...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

By Jennifer Segreti
These balls are meant to be eaten as is, from the freezer! Of course, this is...

Chocolate Coated Home Made Marshmallows

By Colleen Sowa
I used Jo Anne Sugimoto's "Strawberry Marshmallows" recipe to make this today. I did not include making...


By Jo Anne Sugimoto
Everyone loves cookie dough and my grand daughter is no exception!


By Vivian Queen-Chase
This is one of my husbands favorite candies. For years we bought them whenever we could...

Tiger Butter

By Debbie W
This chocolately peanut butter treat is a hit at my house!! It's super easy and taste...

Great Grandma Kennedy's BUTTERMILK CANDY

By Colleen Sowa
This recipe is dated 1915. My grandmother use to make it when I was a...

Licorice Chews

By Colleen Sowa
This is a good licorice candy... this recipe makes a lot of candy. It is...

Chocolate Peanut butter Cookie balls

By katie shelton
Oh man, these are sooo yummy!!!! Great for a dinner party or holiday treat!

tootsie roll fudge

By dee vensel
this recipe was given to me by an online friend and it was so easy, my...

Thin Mints (homemade)

By Missy Wimpelberg
These are SO YUMMY!!!! Just like the Girl Scout ones. They are so easy...

Coconut Balls

By Laken Farley
These won a 1st place ribbon in the local county fair. That is not my picture...

Amy's Chocolate covered, homemade marshmallow dipped...

By Amy Croyle
After descovering my love of home made marshmallows I came up with this! My families love...

Saltine Toffee

By Candy Ayers
Before I tried this recipe I was skeptical. I mean how could saltines ever turn into...

Make your own Payday Candy Bar

By Debby DeRousse
I love munching on this! Tastes just like a Payday Candy Bar...See what you think!
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