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Tuesday at 11:37 AM

Gluten Free, Pecan Pie Mug Cake

By Donna S
Turned my Pecan Pie Cake into a Mug Cake.
May 17, 2020

Carrot cake

By Tessa tes
Delicious carrot cake with walnuts cream cheese frosting
Feb 7, 2020

Butter Pecan Pound Cake

By Debbie Bankston
This Butter Pecan Pound Cake Recipe is an original recipe created in my home kitchen by...
Nov 16, 2018

Glazed Pumpkin Bread (Almond Flour)

By Mikekey *
A tasty dessert bread for fall. Lower in carbs then regular pumpkin bread and gluten-free....
May 12, 2018

Lemon Almond Yogurt Cake (G/F)

By Mikekey *
Make sure your baking powder and powdered sugar are gluten-free, if you are gluten intolerant.
Mar 29, 2018

Pecan Pie Cake

By Betty Campisi
This is such an easy dessert.
Mar 24, 2018

Peanut butter cake

By mary hendricks
Another out of grandmas box. If ya like peanut butter then you'll love this. Moist...
Mar 5, 2017

~ Easy Hootenanny Cake ~

By Cassie *
Another childhood treat! Don't know where the name came from, but it's so moist and yummy!...
Nov 5, 2016

~ CAR-RAI-BAN-NUT Spiced Delight Cake ~

By Cassie *
This cake has a lot to love, a little bit of something for everyone. Somewhat healthy...
Sep 14, 2015


By Rose Mary Mogan
I made this cake for a recent Reunion. Every one wanted to have a taste....
Sep 12, 2015

Incredible Paleo German Chocolate Cake

By Tam D
I found a similar recipe online, but the cook's note indicated the cake was dry and...
Aug 8, 2015

Pecan Pleasin Coffee Cake ~

By Cassie *
This is one delicious coffee cake. It's always a hit when I take it for Church...
May 31, 2015

Jane's Cheesy Pecan Cake

By Jane Manookin
Had an epiphany and decided to make something new. I love coffee cake (sans coffee) and...
May 24, 2015

~ Coconut Pecan Cake ~

By Cassie *
A wonderful cake I made with what I had...turned out super moist and delish! Enjoy!
Apr 8, 2015

~ Peanut Butter Crumb Cake ~

By Cassie *
Yummy peanut butter goodness! Enjoy!
Mar 11, 2015

~ Luck Of The Irish Sour Cream Pistachio Cake ~

By Cassie *
One delicious cake my mother always made when I was growing up. It's perfect to serve...
Dec 27, 2014

Hickory Nut Cake

By Krista Hiner
Delicacy, rich cake. Great for fundraisers.
Dec 17, 2014

~ Swedish Visiting Cake ~

By Cassie *
An easy, quick cake, for a last minute dessert. Enjoy!
Nov 9, 2014

~ Peanut Butter Decadence ~

By Cassie *
This is pure peanut butter decadence! Absolutely divine! Enjoy!
Jul 30, 2014

Russian honey cake (Ruskie przekladaniec)

By Baby Kato
This looks like a wonderful treat and is highly recommended. Posted here for play in...
Jun 25, 2014

pistacchio cake

By Letizia Tripp
this cake is soo delicious . i have been making it for years . everybody at...
Jun 21, 2014

German Chocolate

By lou pace
For The love of Coconut and pecans
May 31, 2014

Almond Rhubarb Cake

By Janice Martinez
This is great with your morning coffee!
May 12, 2014

Almond Joy Cupcakes

By Cheryl Culver
I have a son in law who likes Almond Joy Candy Bars, so for his birthday...
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