#Deli Recipes

Mostly Mom's Potato Salad

Mostly Mom's Potato Salad

By Laurie Roberts
The sugar added to the dressing makes for a uniquely wonderful contrast to the potato and...
Beef Banh Mi Bites

Beef Banh Mi Bites

By Patty Ward
Here is a fun bite-size take on Banh Mi, a popular Vietnamese sandwich that's gaining popularity...
Monster Sandwich - Turkey

Turkey Club Sandwich Ring with Avocado Aioli

By Nicole Bredeweg
This is what I call a Monster Sandwich. My first-ever Monster Sandwich came through a...
Tommy's Sweetheart Sammie

Tommy's Sweetheart Sammie

By Lynn Socko
This is for the sammie challenge using 10 food items are less, that are ONLY red,...
Best Ever Cheese Ball ....  Coated In Dried Parsley Flakes Instead Of Chopped Ham.  Awesome!

Best-ever Cheese Ball

By Linda Dawson
Every Holiday or family gathering, I'm asked to bring this simple cheese ball...a favorite each and...
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Super Creamy Macaroni Salad

By Kelly Williams
I make several different kinds of macaroni salads, but this one is my hubby's favorite and...
Hoagie Dip

Hoagie dip

By Jennifer Chaiken
Everything good about a hoagie (sub, hero, torpedo sandwich) that you can share with everyone! This recipe...
Creamy, Delicious Fruit And Nut Chicken Salad For Just About Any Occasion! Quick And Easy To Make! Better Than The Deli!

Better than Deli Chicken Salad w/ Fruit and Nuts!

By Nicole H.
I don't know about everyone else, but I just can't go by the deli counter in...
An Egg-ceptional Hot Dog With A Piece Cut Away And The Yolk Dripping.

Egg-ceptional Hot Dogs

By Barbara Miller
I bought a hot dog at the deli in my local grocery store. The styrofoam box...
This Was Made With A Smoked Butt Ham.

How to Make Deli-style Lunchmeat

By Lauren Conforti
This is so easy and is much cheaper than paying the high prices at the local...
Ny Deli Style Pastrami

NY Deli Style Pastrami

By Pamela Rappaport
My husband grew up on NY style corned beef and pastrami. Unfortunately, there just aren't any...
Traditional Hard Matzo Ball Soup In A Bowl.

Traditional Hard Matzo Ball Soup

By Pamela Rappaport
When I married my Jewish husband 28 years ago, his mother taught me to make "real"...
Honest Coleslaw

Honest Coleslaw

By Carolyn Haas
In looking for authentic NY Deli coleslaw, I found a lot of controversy as to whether...
Hot Pastrami Breakfast Stack


By Teresa G
Sometimes I get bored with breakfast, so this is one of my "get out of the...
Crispy Corned Beef Melts

Crispy Corned Beef Melts

By Amy Herald
You can make this a Reuben sandwich with sour kraut, but I'm not a fan of...