#Deep Fried Recipes Quick & Easy

For Deep Fried Vegetables You Can Use Anything In Your Imagination. These Tasty Treats Are A Favorite Of Many

Deep Fried Vegetables

By David Kuhlmann
When frying,use Canola Oil. It's lower in the bad stuff and it doesn't absorb into the...
Deep Fried Apple Pie Tortilla Sliced In Half On A Plate.

Apple Pie, Deep Fry

By Marie Gunkel
I worked in a taco shop once that made this apple treat. Simple and very good...
Fried Elderflowers (litha)

Fried Elderflowers (Litha)

By Stormy Stewart
These are a wonderful, sweet snack or addition to any chicken meal. Only pick elderflowers that...
Pam's Variations On A Theme - Onion Rings

Pam's Variations on a Theme - Onion Rings

By Pam Ellingson
As my Dad used to say "I have a Hankering for some onion rings!" I take...
A Different Way To Serve Potato Slices :)

Potato Roses

By Nicole P.
a beautiful addition to any plate, a great conversation piece also :) I hope you will...
Southern Fried Catfish With Hush Puppies

Southern Fried Catfish with Hush Puppies

By Tammy Raynes
Southern hospitality just wouldn't be the same with this delicious dish. Every southern woman knows how...
Perfect Crunchy Deep Fried Pickles

Perfect Crunchy Deep Fried Pickles

By Anthony Nicometi Jr
It's taken me WAY too long to replicate a good crispy, crunchy fried pickle recipe! Most...
A Fun, Easy And Delicious Treat For Seafood Lovers.

Crab Rangoon with a simple Plum Sauce

By Tara Waites
My best appetizer (so I'm told). It's quick, fun and very tasty.
Seasoned Flour


By Teresa G
If you're like me, you probably have a shelf or drawer full of herbs and spices....
3 Hush Puppies On Plate With Potato Salad, Fried Fish And Coleslaw.


By Teresa G
This is my basic, quick and easy recipe for my hubby's favorite hush puppies. He says...
Crunchy Onion Flavored Potato Logs!

Lipton Onion Soup Potato Logs

By Kathy Sills
Lipton Onion Potato Logs has a great onion flavor with a crunch! They are perfect with...