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Rosettes - Norwigian Cookies Recipe

Rosettes - Norwigian Cookies

By Colleen Sowa
This is a traditional Norwegian recipe that my grandmother received from a friend of hers the...
Folk Art Christmas Ornaments (netherlands)hollow Egg Scenes Recipe

Folk Art Christmas Ornaments (Netherlands)Hollow Egg Scenes

By sherrie parnell
The Dutch Settlers in America Decorated their Christmas Trees With Hollow Eggshells Filled with Miniature Scenes.It...
No-fail Sugar Cookies Recipe

No-Fail Sugar Cookies

By Erin Mascroft
From the cookbook "Praise For the Cook" published by Proctor & Gamble, 1959. These cookies are...
Colored Pie Crust Flowers & Other Decorations Recipe

Colored Pie Crust Flowers & other decorations

By Marcia McCance
When I saw these pie crust decorations I was really excited! Easy to make with a...
Painted Pie Crust Decorations Recipe

Painted Pie Crust Decorations

By Marcia McCance
Saw this at Martha Stewart -- for this one, you don't work the color into the...