#Decadent Recipes

Blackberry Cake with Cream Cheese Filling

By Deneece Gursky
One of my daughters coworkers whom is like an adopted son to me asked me if...

Reese's Chocolate Delight Cheesecake

By Kim Biegacki
My husband Anthony’s favorite dessert is without question... cheesecake! He also LOVES peanut butter. So,...

Piccadilly Carrot Souffle

By Kim Biegacki
This is an amazingly easy recipe to follow and very delicious. None of my family was...

Wall to Wall Chocolate Cake

By Amy Scotti
I'm a chocoholic! This cake satisfies my chocolate cravings! With a scoop of ice cream...

Rasberry Marshmallow Delight

By Zelda Hopkins
I make this when fresh rasberries are available and subtitute for the frozen. It is absolutely...


By Carrie Halliday
Thick, fudgy goodness...these will be your go-to brownies! Not too sweet, the dark chocolate is key...

The Blue Ribbon Carrot Cake

By Diane Audette
This may have been posted before, but a friend gave me this version from an old...

Milky Way Cake w/ Milky Way Frosting-Annette's

By Annette W.
Be forewarned. This recipe is not for the faint at heart. In fact, you will most...

Caramel Swirl Hunks

By Jolayne Cooper
This recipe is not for the faint of heart. It is decadent and rich! ...

Miss Mama's Red Velvet Cake

By Andra Kubala
This was my Great-Grandmother's recipe, it is truly a velvety crumb cake. This recipe includes...

Caramel Swirl Hunks

By Jolayne Cooper
I love to bake and found this recipe in a baking cookbook that I have had...


By Mickie Bair
The more I whip this the creamier and fluffier it gets...

Addictive Carrot Cake

By Amanda Hyatt
My mom has been making this cake since I can remember and it's always a special...

Sweet Potato Casserole

By Mary Kay Nugent
I realize there are a million recipes out there for Sweet Potato Casserole, but this is...

Peanut Butter Cup Mousse-Annette's

By Annette W.
Someone in the "Looking for..." group asked about this recipe so I found mine and posted...

Peanut Butter Cake w/ PB Cream Cheese Frosting

By Annette W.
Thea, this one's for you!! Someone in the "Looking for.." group asked about Peanut Butter Cake and...

Chocolate Ganache Pie

By John West
Ganache is a chocolate lovers best friend. This is a Very quick and easy recipe to satisfy...


By Ellen Bales
I found this in a Womans Day magazine in the dentist's office a couple years ago....


By Ellen Bales
I don't mean to brag, but this is guaranteed the best carrot cake anyone has ever...


By Ellen Bales
Another magazine cutting, this one is a keeper! So very rich and decadent! Photo by: http://www.recipe.com/black-forest-brownie-pecan-pie/


By Ellen Bales
No freezer is complete without a quart or two of a really good chocolate ice cream....

Jan's Grandmothers Puerto Rican Chocolate Cake

By Cat Ireland
This is an heirloom recipe passed from Jans Grandmother to her Mom, to Jan, then lovingly...


By Ellen Bales
This recipe is positively decadent, from the Best Recipes Ever by Pillsbury. Surprisingly low in calores,...

Vanilla Bean Dream Cheesecake

By Susan Sumpter-Loebig
This has been my only cheesecake recipe for over 25 years. It's impossibly decadent and creamy,...
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