#Dates Recipes

Date And Asiago Cheese Bacon Wraps Recipe

Date and Asiago Cheese Bacon Wraps

By Pam Ellingson
I found this recipe in a magazine and made it for a family gathering. These little...
Easiest Fruit Cake Ever Recipe

Easiest Fruit Cake Ever

By Patsy Weaver
Easy to make, tastes great and keep in the refrigerator for two months at least.
Skillet Date Cookies Recipe

Skillet Date Cookies

By Gail Welch
I got this recipe from my younger sister. She calls them Angel Cookies. The filling...
Chocolate Chip Date Cake Recipe

Chocolate Chip Date Cake

By Anne Fahey
This is a recipe that has been around a long time but every time I make...
Date Cookies (filled Jumbo Drops) Recipe

Date Cookies (Filled Jumbo Drops)

By susan simons
One of my Grandma's favorite things to bake with was dates, he's another one of her...
Plain Or Fancy Peppernuts (pfeffernuesse) Recipe

Plain or Fancy Peppernuts (Pfeffernuesse)

By Angela Gray
These deliciously little fragrant cookies are full of spices and holiday goodness ! For the best...
Date Bars From The Past Recipe

Date Bars from the Past

By Diane Atherton
Remember those wonderful date bars that you could make from a mix? I grew up eating...
One Pan Date Nut Bread Recipe

One Pan Date Nut Bread

By Zelda Hopkins
How simple is this, just one pan. I love this bread, its a Holiday treat every...
Baked Date Pudding Recipe

Baked Date Pudding

By Zelda Hopkins
This is an old recipe but sometimes they are the best. My Mother use to make...
Date Pie Recipe

Date Pie

By Leila Rockwell
This pie reminds me of Arizona and Tastes great. It calls for Date Crystals, but I...
Luxury Leftover Cookies Recipe

Luxury Leftover Cookies

By Stephanie Hull
I came up with these using whatever I had in the pantry at the time. I...
Orange Slice Cake Recipe

Orange Slice Cake

By Zelda Hopkins
I love Orange Slice Candy. So why not make a cake out of it. This is...
Party Stuffed Dates Recipe

Party Stuffed Dates

By Kelsey "Rose" Jones
This recipe was one that was my father's favorite. Mom used to make them for every...
May's Date Nut Loaf Recipe

May's Date Nut Loaf

By Lucille Hoerle
My childhood friend's mom used to make this delicious old fashioned loaf. We love it...
Grandma Maryellen's Christmas Date Balls Recipe

Grandma MaryEllen's Christmas Date Balls

By Kelly Williams
The first time I ever had these I must've eaten half a dozen one after the...
Honey Date Bars Recipe

Honey Date Bars

By Kathie Carr
This was a Christmas favorite when I was a kid. We loved to help Mom roll...
Skillet Cookies Recipe

Skillet Cookies

By Sylvia McHaffey
I didn't like dates until I tried this cookie. I also like rolling these in Coconut...
Delicious Holiday Cake Recipe

Delicious Holiday Cake

By Judy Drietz
A MOUTH WATERING DESSERT that is NOT TOO SWEET! I've taken this dessert to many holiday...
Apple Cheat W/ Pie Chips Ala Mode Recipe

"Apple Cheat w/ pie Chips "Ala mode

By Detoncia Wilkinson
I didn't feel up to making or basically eating a whole pie...so I cheated......
Angel Delights Recipe

Angel Delights

By Sue Hayes
I found this recipe on delish.com it sounded so quick and easy and oh ya, yummy...
Antique Apple-date Coffee Cake Recipe

Antique Apple-Date Coffee Cake

By Paula Todora
I call this an "antique" cake because my great grandma made it, then it was passed...
Old Fashion, Yummy Oatmeal Cookies - Connie's Recipe

Old Fashion, Yummy Oatmeal Cookies - Connie's

By Connie Ottman
These oatmeal cookies get eaten up before they can cool. If you want a chunky...
East Indian Baked Quail Recipe

East Indian Baked Quail

By Tiffany Bannworth
Spicy and sweet, my kids eat the onions from the pot and the hubs spoons the...
Date Balls Recipe

Date Balls

By charlene graham
Husband likes dates so did my father-inlaw.