#Date Recipes

Frosted Date Creams Recipe

Frosted Date Creams

By Morgan Chicarelli
Preheat oven to 375*
Orange Date Cake Recipe

Orange Date Cake

By Penny Chaput
This is a recipe handed down from my Great Grandma Hattie Jones. This is a moist...
Gram's Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Gram's Pumpkin Bread

By Kim Biegacki
Yeah, I finally came across a bread recipe of my Grammie's and I am sure glad...
Scones Recipe


By mary Armstrong
I make these with whatever fresh fruit is in season. Blueberries are a favorite. Also...
Orange-cranberry-date Cake Recipe

Orange-Cranberry-Date Cake

By Warrenette Dailey
-With the holidays coming, this is a cake that can be made in small bundts for...
Date Drop Cookies--lyn* Recipe


By Lyn Starr
My mom, grandma Marilyn, loved dates and she always sneaked in healthy so the kids wouldn't...
Date Night Bleu Velvet Salad Recipe

Date Night Bleu Velvet Salad

By Lori McLain
I wanted to make a date dressing and came up with this one....which is also a...
Sesame-date Chicken Cho Cho Recipe

Sesame-Date Chicken Cho Cho

By Lori McLain
Marinating chicken breast ( or thighs) in this date sesame oil marinade gives a new taste...
No Cook Date-pecan Pralines Recipe

No Cook Date-Pecan Pralines

By Lori McLain
Perfect easy little treat for the vegans in your life ! Too hot to cook,...
24 Carrot Date Walnut Salad Recipe

24 Carrot Date Walnut Salad

By Lori McLain
I was given such a wonderful bag of dates that I had t try them in...
Date Cake Recipe

Date Cake

By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
This is a perfect and delicious cake for the holidays.
Date Squares Recipe

Date Squares

By Nicole P.
I made some last night and thought I would share with you my own recipe Most...
Orange Spice Date Nut Bread Recipe

Orange Spice date nut bread

By Nor Mac
This is a very old recipe from a church cook book. I changed a few things...
Old Fashioned Date Nut Cookies Recipe

Old Fashioned Date Nut Cookies

By Nor Mac
Originally this was my aunt Alice's recipe. The recipe had a slight Make over. ...
Date Nut Logs Recipe

Date nut logs

By Melissa Buchanan-Smith
A Christmas tradition passed down from Sandy Emerling. Passed to her from her mother.
Delicious Date Cupcakes Recipe

Delicious Date Cupcakes

By Amy Herald
These are really delicious and unique cup cakes.