#Danish Recipes

Czech Pastries Kolache Recipe

Czech Pastries Kolache

By Jana Mladek
My Website! Please "Like" http://www.myczechrecipes.com Inspired By: http://homesicktexan.blogspot.com/2007/03/sweet-escape-kolaches.html
Apple Danish Braid Recipe

Apple Danish Braid

By Samantha Dean
Wonderful dish to keep around the house for company that drops by for coffee. Freezes well...
Danish Puffcake Recipe

Danish Puffcake

By Julia Ferguson
My friend Flo sent me this recipe from Ladies Home Journal, March 09. This is a...
Maine Maple Danish Twists Recipe

Maine Maple Danish Twists

By Bonnie Glazier
These danish are a delight for breakfast, coffee break or for that "I have to have...
2 Danish Almond Puffs Recipe


By Nancy J. Patrykus
I have been making this delicious Danish treat since the early 60's! I received this recipe...
Mini Honey-almond Cranberry Crostatas Recipe

Mini Honey-Almond Cranberry Crostatas

By Ronda Krouch
Great little bunches of yummy goodness.
Aebleskiver = Danish Pancake Balls Recipe

Aebleskiver = Danish Pancake Balls

By Nancy J. Patrykus
No one is sure how the Danes invented their delicious round pancake, but there is a...
Granny's Danish Potato Salad Recipe

Granny's Danish Potato Salad

By Brandy Hines
This is the potato salad many generations of my family has grown up with. I have...
Danish Kringle Cookies Recipe

Danish Kringle Cookies

By mary Armstrong
This is a very old recipe.
Heavenly Cinnamon Pecan Turnover Recipe

Heavenly Cinnamon Pecan Turnover

By Teresa Jacobson
These turnovers taste like Christmas! I was trying for a cinnamon roll type flavor and ended...
Simple Cream Cheese Danish Recipe

Simple Cream Cheese Danish

By Barbara Sprague
The cream cheese filling even tastes good on toast or biscuits.
Easy Cheese Danish Cups Recipe

Easy cheese danish cups

By sherry monfils
These are great for breakfast or a brunch, and so eay to make.
Citrus Cinnamon Buns Recipe

Citrus Cinnamon Buns

By chris elizondo
These are a sunshiney twist to the cinnamon buns we all love. Thanks to Sally's Baking...
Omg So Good Cherry Cheese Danish, Quick & Easy Recipe

OMG So Good Cherry Cheese Danish, Quick & Easy

By Family Favorites
Last week, my husband invited a business associate over for coffee and dessert... The problem? I...
Sweet Rolls With Cherry Recipe

Sweet Rolls with Cherry

By chris elizondo
Cherry and sweet rolls just go together. This is a great recipe from JoCooks which uses...
Easy Cheese Danish Recipe

Easy Cheese Danish

By Hollie Cameron
Recipe was found originally at: Now You're Cook'in
Cinnamon Raisin Pecan Rolls Recipe

Cinnamon raisin pecan rolls

By Nor Mac
I love these rolls. I've been making them for years. So yummy with a cup of...
Brunsviger - True Danish Pastry Recipe

Brunsviger - true Danish pastry

By Lene Frost
This recipe is so easy and it tastes soooo amazing. This type of pastry is on...
Ina Garten's Easy Cheese Danish Recipe

Ina Garten's Easy Cheese Danish

By Bunny's Warm Oven Blog
I have made quite a few of Ina's recipes. They have always been exceptional. This...
Overnight Cherry Danish Recipe

Overnight Cherry Danish

By Jody Clayton
Exchange the cherry pie filling for your favorite flavor...or even cream cheese.
Easy Cherry Danish Recipe

Easy Cherry Danish

By Michele Wallace
Everyone's favorite at the office!
Chocolate Cream Cheese Danish Recipe

Chocolate Cream Cheese Danish

By D K
I found this recipe on facebook, but I don't make the individual rolls. I make this...
Peberkiks Recipe


By Debra Christensen
This is an spritz style adaptation of the Danish Pebernødder.
Easy Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish/coffee Cake/pie Recipe

Easy Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish/Coffee Cake/Pie

By Family Favorites
On our way home, I asked my husband to just quickly stop at the store for...