#Crowd Recipes

Mb's Infamous Pea Salad Recipe

MB's Infamous Pea Salad

By Marybeth Mank
Granted, this is a simple, quick, easy recipe. However, this is one of my family's favourite...
Peach Dessert For A Crowd By Freda Recipe

Peach Dessert for a crowd By Freda

Need to Serve a Crowd, or Re-union or Church function, This will do just that. this recipe...
Annual Agricultural Fair  -2011- The Best Yet! Recipe

ANNUAL AGRICULTURAL FAIR -2011- the best yet!

By Beth M.
Have you ever spent more than one evening or day at the fair? Usually we...
Moms Best Ever Tatertot Hotdish Recipe

Moms BEST EVER Tatertot Hotdish

By Sarah Fillbrandt
This dish is a quintessential mid-western HOTDISH (I still don't know what a casserole is haha!)...
5 Layer Bean Dip Recipe

5 layer bean dip

By Renee King
my son said this was the first to go at his soccer potluck! quick to make...
Everything Cookies Recipe

Everything Cookies

By Adaleen Clark
These are different every week, depending on what I have to put in them. You...
Lemon Cookies For 100 By Freda Recipe

LEMON COOKIES for 100 By Freda

Need cookies for a large crowd?? This is a commercail recipe, this recipe makes 2 cookies per...
Camp-style Potatoes Recipe

Camp-Style Potatoes

By Doug K
We’ve been enjoying this recipe for years and named it “Camp-Style Potatoes” because we first had...
Family Reunion Pasta Salad Recipe

Family Reunion Pasta Salad

By Mary Kay Nugent
Great Salad for your summer gatherings...it is crisp, cool, flavorful and something different. It makes alot...
Tangy Barbecue Beef Sandwiches (slow Cooker) Recipe

Tangy Barbecue Beef sandwiches (slow cooker)

By Deb Crane
This is a go to recipe that I use often when having a gathering. I found...
Chocolate Goody Bars By Freda Recipe

Chocolate Goody Bars By Freda

Made in a Cookie Sheet, these make enough for a Crowd, 36 bars. Chocolate bars topped...
Zesty Broccoli Salad Recipe

Zesty Broccoli Salad

By Laura Spencer-Whitacre
I was given this recipe when I was catering a wedding. it feeds a crowd, down...
Bok Choy Salad Recipe

Bok Choy Salad

By Nancy Person
Served this salad at a dinner party. Everyone came back for seconds and wanted the...
Depression Dinner From Iowa State Fair Recipe 1977

Depression Dinner From Iowa State Fair 1977

By Martha Price
I usually don't post a recipe if I haven't tried it already, but I figured I...
Memphis Style Bbq Sliders Recipe

Memphis Style BBQ Sliders

By Samantha Fowler
These southern inspired sliders will be a hit with your crowd!
Blt Dip Recipe


By Dawn Whitted
I love to experiment with recipes that mimic something else. This dip does just that....
Beef And Cheese Not Italian Enchilada's Recipe

Beef and Cheese "not Italian" Enchilada's

By Genelle Longueira
I grew up eating these, thinking they were Italian! Didn't know they were Mexican food until...
7 Can Cabin Soup Recipe

7 Can Cabin Soup

By Lonna Weidemann
Fast and easy to feed a crowd
Ladies-who-lunch Tuna Mold Recipe

Ladies-Who-Lunch Tuna Mold

By Tam D
This elegant salad is sure to impress. Our little secret? It's super quick and...
Mexican Caviar Recipe

Mexican Caviar

By A C
Insanely delicious and easy. A very pretty dish too, so colorful. WARNING, this is highly addictive!...
Reunion Casserole Recipe

Reunion Casserole

By Candace Lemings
THE casserole that simply MUST be served at EVERY family reunion!
Pancakes For 12 Hungry Boys Recipe

Pancakes For 12 Hungry Boys

By Candace Lemings
If you've had a good look at most of my recipes you could probably figure out...
Summertime Macaroni Salad Ala Aunt Max Recipe

Summertime Macaroni Salad Ala Aunt Max

By Deb Lund
I grew up eating this simple macaroni salad at every summer gathering that we had. ...
Big Pot Marinara Sauce - Easy Peasy Recipe

Big Pot Marinara Sauce - Easy Peasy

By val rollheiser
This is so good I refuse to buy marinara or spaghetti sauce from the jar now....