#Crepes Recipes

Norwegian Pancakes Recipe

Norwegian Pancakes

By Sylvia Carroll
These crepe-like pancakes are a weekend tradition at our house. They were one of my favorite...
Crêpes De La Chandeleur (candlemas Pancakes) Recipe

Crêpes de la Chandeleur (Candlemas Pancakes)

By Carolyn Haas
On February 2, French Canadian Roman Catholics celebrate the Fête de la Chandeleur (Candlemas), honoring the...
Blintzes (nalesniki) Recipe

Blintzes (Nalesniki)

By Lisa Pekala
I got this recipe from my Mom and it's one of my favorite foods to eat....
Crepes Recipe


By K Lloyd
This is my sisters recipe and my kids love it! We just eat them like...
Peach Creme Cheese Crepes~robynne Recipe

Peach Creme Cheese Crepes~Robynne

By Robynne Glenn
I made these beautiful crepes one year for my mother's birthday and she raved about them....
Savory Mushroom, Spinach & Cheese Crepes Recipe

Savory Mushroom, Spinach & Cheese Crepes

By Joanne Cavallone Corse
I wanted to try something new so I have been making crepes, sweet and savory, I...
Extreme Crepes Recipe

Extreme Crepes

By Penny Hall
You can't go wrong with these all-purpose crepes that can be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner...
David's Cream Filled Crepes Recipe

David's Cream Filled Crepes

By Katrina Freed
This recipe is so simple it was even a hit at a tailgating party and easy...
Crepes Recipe


By Crystal W.
Growing up we always had pancakes or french toast. Then i married my husband, who is...
Austrian Palaschinken(austrian Rolled Crepes) Recipe

Austrian Palaschinken(Austrian Rolled Crepes)

By Penny Otte
This was a staple dinner for lazy Sunday nights taught to us by our Austrian dad. ...
Blueberry Or Cherry Crepes Recipe

Blueberry or cherry crepes

By Jackie O'Callaghan
Try crepes instead of pancakes one morning. I guarantee people will thank you.
Sister Susan's Chicken Crepes Recipe


By barbara foulks
when my sister Susan's mother-n-law would come to visit there were 2 things she would ask...
Ham And Swiss Crepes (with Honey Mustard Sauce) Recipe

Ham and Swiss crepes (with Honey Mustard sauce)

By Deb Crane
Years ago, my Mom and I would go to a restaurant called The Magic Pan. They...
Mom's Rolled Pancakes-crepes Recipe

Mom's Rolled Pancakes-Crepes

By Bonnie Beck
No one in the world made as good a Crepes, or as we called them "Rolled...
Strawberry Cream Crepes Recipe

Strawberry Cream Crepes

By Cassie *
This recipe is awesome. I made these for breakfast a few Easter's ago. I am being...
Crepes-nalesniki W/sweet Cheese Filling Recipe

Crepes-Nalesniki w/Sweet Cheese Filling

By Kim Biegacki
If you love crepes this is a step by step recipe so you can make them...
Ever Ready Blend Recipe

Ever Ready Blend

By Elise Van Jaarsveld
This is like Bisquick mix ..Makes excellent pancakes,biscuits,Crepes,,Coffee cakes..This keeps in the fridge for several weeks...
No Flour Pumpkin Pancakes Lips Will Smack Ur Face Recipe

No Flour Pumpkin Pancakes Lips Will Smack Ur Face

By Genny Bortner
Several years ago I learned that even though I was eating the "good" whole wheat carbs,...
Sweet And Savory Spinach Crepes Recipe

Sweet and Savory Spinach Crepes

By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
This is a delicious combination of flavors and it is healthy too!
Crepes And Apple Pie Filling Recipe

Crepes and Apple Pie Filling

By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
There is a certain comfort in having a nice breakfast and enjoying the simplest of pleasures.
Asparagus Mushroom Parmesan Crepes Recipe

Asparagus mushroom parmesan crepes

By Deb Crane
My journey to finding the right texture and taste for a wonderful vegetable crepe started with...
Chicken Mushroom Crepes Recipe

Chicken Mushroom Crepes

By Cheryl Culver
his is a tasty mushroom and chicken dinner that is easy and beautiful to serve, I...
Cherry Supreme Vanilla Crepes Recipe

Cherry Supreme Vanilla Crepes

By Cheryl Culver
The best thing about crepes is that you can fill them and top them with so...
Brandied Custard Crepe Filling Recipe

Brandied Custard Crepe Filling

By Vickie Parks
I've been making this for more than 40 years, it's about the only recipe I use...