#Creamed Recipes

Creamed Parmesan Pearl Onion Casserole

By Sher Bird
This is a "must have" side dish for my family's Thanksgiving. Do NOT use "pickled" or...

Creamed Cucumbers and Onions

By Jami McLamb
I always loved cucumbers and onions growing up and made them for my family. ...


By Kylie Hartle
This is not your Del Monte Creamed Corn out of a can... I found this and...

Creamed Mexican Roasted Poblano Strips/Rajas Poblanas en Crema

By Juliann Esquivel
Here is another very old and traditional recipe. Usually on a Sunday morning after church...


By Jessica Hannan
SOS is a family staple. Easy, and it can be as simple or as fancy as...


By Chris T.
You have to LOVE a recipe this delicious and what could be easier than 2 of...

SOS - military style

By Kathleen Brigham
Growing up we had this often with a salad,or fresh cooked veggies (my fave with it...

Ole Time Mayonnaise Mashed/Cream Potatoes

By Betty Graves
My mayonnaise mashed potatoes has been around for two generations, I got this from my Aunt...

Creamed Corn, Spinach, and Tomato Stew

By Amy Leighton
Perfect on a cold day, and your kids will love it! Eat with a Grilled...

Summit House - Creamed Corn au Gratin

By beth hanson
This recipe is from the Summit House, a fine dining establishment in Orange County, CA....I love...

Simple Corn Pie

By candy kratzer
My grandmother always made this but she used her own pie dough. I again am...

"Creamed Potato and Pumpkin Soup"

By Saritah Cuisiner qualifie'
Huum... like this Soup cz it is light and rich in vitamins .we always prepare it...

CREAM of POTATO SOUP, better than a can version

By Nancy J. Patrykus
My husbands family had a huge Wisc. potato farm. We would often visit them in the fall,...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheese Cake

By Maggie May Schill
I had some cookie dough and wanted chocolate chip cookies... I also have a lot of...


By Roda Laser
Yummy and easy. What more can be said except try this soup. You will not be...

Bacon Parmesan Parsnip Puree

By Maggie May Schill
I was going to go to the grocery store and I asked my husband which veggies...

Potatoes in Creamed Coconut

By Robin DuPree
I found this recipe in my cookbook called, "Potatoes", however, I changed the recipe from its...

Simple, Perfect Mashed Potatoes

By Amy Herald
This is a basic recipe for mashed potatoes. They are creamy and perfect every time, just...

Creamed Peas And Onions

By Cassie *
I love pea's..and pearl onions, add the Bechamel they are oh so good! These are great for...

Creamed Potatoes - My Favorite

By Cassie *
These potatoes go well with any meat dish..we just love them..such a wonderful comfort food. I grew...

Creamy Mushrooms

By Cassie *
This recipe is so comforting...I love anything creamed, and these mushrooms are excellent. Taste of...

Curried Onions

By Debby Granberg
This is a Thanksgiving favorite. Dates back to the creamed onions my mothers family always...

Rahmspinat/German Creamed Spinach

By Linda Kauppinen
This recipe comes from my great grandmothers from Austria. Growing up this was how our...

Zeke's Potato Soup

By Linda Kauppinen
My grandfather was the soup maker when I was growing up. He could make anything...
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