#Couscous Recipes

Italian Style Wedding Soup by Susan

By Susan Feliciano
You may be familiar with that canned soup called Italian-Style Wedding Soup. Do you like it?...

Couscous Rolled Meatloaf

By Patricia Kutchins
This recipe is easier than it looks!

Italian Wedding Soup

By Suzanne Mills
This is me and my fiance's "go to sick soup" as its so very tasty, nourishing,...

Garbage Salad

By Annakate Tefft
I came up with this salad when I was craving something healthy but hadn't been to...

Spicy Couscous

By Tosca Teklu
Couscous is a remarkable side dish indeed. It complements the beef, pork or chicken, you can...

Israeli Couscous With Almonds & Dried Cranberries

By Jessica Silva
A combination of a few recipes I found. A hearty meal of Israeli couscous, combined with...

Veggie Couscous

By Doreen Fish
If you like couscous you will love this!! Delicious!!

Tomato Basil Couscous Salad

By Annie D
Originally from Taste of Home, this recipe is delicious, refreshing and summery AND it makes a...

Savory Tofu and Vegetables over Tomato Couscous

By Angel Slave
I love couscous and found early on that the liquid one uses to cook the dish...

Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers

By Kimberly Biegacki
Talk about a light but satisfying stuffed pepper this is it! Power packed with so many...

Garden Couscous Salad

By Karie Houghton
My husband introduced me to this family favorite. Honestly, I had never tried couscous before this....

Harvest Vegetable Curry

By Margaret Madill
Looks like a long list of ingredients, but most of the time is preparing the vegetables...

Summer Shrimp and Corn Chowder

By Kristin D
I made this the other night and LOVED it. Since I am trying to lose weight...

Acorn Squash with Couscous

By Kathy W
Found this in a great little cookbook, Meals In Minutes Easy Vegetarian. Made a change or two....

Veggie Loaded Couscous MMB

By Melanie B
I have been trying to eat more organic and healthier meals. This is what I came...

Cauliflower Couscous w/ Cherries, Pistachios, Mint

By Heather Trice
I use frozen cherries that I thaw and chop when I make this to save the...

Horseradish Chicken with Couscous

By Sara Andrea
This meal just feels fancy with not a lot of fuss. Pairs great with a...

Couscous Salad (Kuskus)

By Vickie Parks
This is a light side dish called Kuskus in Turkey that's usually served alongside a spicy...

Roast Chicken with Couscous Stuffing

By Amy H.
This recipe is kind of different. It's the only one I've ever seen with couscous stuffing...

Herby barley couscous with chipotle halloumi

By Ramona's Cuisine -
Herby barley couscous with chipotle halloumi and grilled apricots is one of those favorite couscous salad...
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