#Corned Beef Recipes

The Royal Reuben Omelet

The Royal Reuben Omelet

By Kim Biegacki
Well, St. Paddy's day was upon us and I was browsing recipes in Just a Pinch...
Corned Beef Mac & Cheese

Corned Beef Mac & Cheese

By Christine Schnepp
I use the leftover corned beef after St. Paddy's Day to make this yummy dish. Very...
Corned Beef Bread Dip

Corned Beef Bread Dip

By Jenni K
This is such a flavorful and easy bread dip to serve at get togethers. An...
Pam's Reuben Sandwich Chowder For 2

Pam's Reuben Sandwich Chowder for 2

By Pam Ellingson
One of our new members, Sylvia Hacker (nmgirl), posted a comment in "What's For Dinner" saying...
Fried Cabbage And Corned Beef

Fried Cabbage and Corned Beef

By Janette Suber
My dad's mother, my grandma, used to fix Corned Beef and Cabbage with cornbread for him...
Roasted Reuben Layered Salad

Roasted Reuben Layered Salad

By Kim Biegacki
I really enjoy a good Reuben sandwich but not all the calories that come with it....
Irish Colleen Pizza !

Irish Colleen Pizza !

By Colleen Sowa
This is an excellent way to use up left overs from your St. Patrick's Day Feast! We...
Baked Corned Beef And Cabbage

Baked Corned Beef and Cabbage

By Naomi Mela
Many of my friends have only eaten boiled or canned corned beef before they met me....
Corned Beef Brisket/hash

Corned Beef Brisket/Hash

By Gail Welch
Since I've retired I have more time to explore new recipes. I am getting tired of...
Glazed Corned Beef & Cabbage N  Irish Stout Beer

Glazed Corned Beef & Cabbage N Irish Stout Beer

By Rose Mary Mogan
Today my husband & I decided to add a new twist to our TRADITIONAL CORNED BEEF...
Reuben Pizza

Reuben Pizza

By Tam D
This was on the menu tonight -- it did not disappoint! It's quick, easy, and...
Nothing Fancy Hash

Nothing Fancy Hash

By Cassie *
Threw this together the other morning. So much better than the canned stuff. Either use a...
So Yummy

Corned Beef Pickling Spice

By Andy Anderson !
Well, St. Patrick’s Day is a classic day for corned beef and cabbage, but the first...
Reuben Balls

Reuben Balls

By Robin Lieneke
Oh My Goodness! These are so delicious! One of the best recipes I've ever created....
Corned Beef Cheesy Noodle Bake

Corned Beef Cheesy Noodle Bake

By Cassie *
This is a quick dish I throw together when I want something quick on the table,...
Reuben Casserole Has Just 5 Ingredients And Freezes So Well...if It Lasts That Long!!

Reuben Casserole

By Sandra Allen
I found this in an older cooking magazine and when I tried it, it was sooooo...
Corned Beef & Cabbage On A Platter With Carrots And Potatoes.

Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner

By Amy Herald
You can also put this in the Crock Pot for about 12 or so hours. Add...
Crock Pot Corned Beef And Cabbage

Crock Pot Corned beef and Cabbage

By Anthony Nicometi Jr
Happy St. Patty's day everyone! And a special Happy Birthday to my amazing Godmother and Aunt,...
Dad's Spirited Potato Salad

Dad's Spirited Potato Salad

By Elizabeth Lancaster
My late father used to make this all the time when we were growing up. It's...
Feiny's Bison Bacon Reuben Burger

Feiny's Bison Bacon Reuben Burger

By Adam Feinberg
If you like burgers you are going to LOVE this one. Two sandwiches in ONE…...
Simple Corned Beef & Cabbage - Crock Pot Tender

Simple Corned Beef & Cabbage - Crock Pot Tender

By Cassie *
My Gram used to make this delicious meal all year round. It didn't have...
Pastrami...so Versatile...we Love It..hope You Do Too


By Amanda P
I haven't included the time for soaking in the prep time and I have averaged out...
Corned Beef Hash In A Cast Iron Skillet.

Corned Beef Hash

By Tammy Bovender
I usually make corned beef hash with canned corned beef. This time, I thought I...
Best Reuben Sandwich Cut In Half.

Best Reuben Sandwich

By Susan Bartley
I just love Reuben sandwiches and nothing taste better than a homemade one. See my...