#Copy Cat Recipes

Copy Cat Coconut Shrimp with Pina Colada Sauce like Red...

By Norma DeRemer
A long time ago we went to Red Lobster and I thougt I try their Coconut...

copy cat Cadbury Creme eggs

By Stormy Stewart
OMG! I have died and went to heaven, cadbury eggs any time I want!

Dairy Queens turkey club Panini

By Stormy Stewart
Dairy Queen is getting into the panini scene with a new product line called Iron Grilled...

Copy-cat Almond joy candy bars

By Stormy Stewart
You can make a mounds by omiting the almonds, because........ sometimes you feel like a nut...

White Fence Farm's (Colorado) Corn Fritters

By Stormy Stewart
Although, the chicken was scrumptious, my most vivid memory is of the corn fritters that they...

Steak house Copy cat recipe Onion Pedal Sauce

By Stormy Stewart
I worked at a steak house that was only open a couple of years. Their son...

(Copy-cat) Seva's Enchilada Calabaza

By Stormy Stewart
This is my spin on a very popular dish an all natural, vegetarian restaurant in Ann...

(St Paul, MN) Cafe Latte's Turtle Cake

By Stormy Stewart
Cafe Latte is located at 850 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN Cafe Latté is three restaurants in...

Popeyes-style Cajun Rice

By Stormy Stewart
Seeing Bonnies Popeye's chicken got me thinking of their dirty rice. So I looked up copycat...

Omlets "Melia hotel in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

By Stormy Stewart
On a vacation at the Melia hotel in Puerta Vallarta we had omlets in the morning....


By Laura Wolf
looks yummy. got it from a FB friend :-)

Copy cat Pearson's "Bun" candy bars

By Stormy Stewart
If you are as old as I am this candy bar maybe one of your old...

Copy Cat Uncle Ben's Wild Rice Mix

By Marsha Gardner
This Copy Cat Uncle Ben's Wild Rice Mix dish is similar to the original, but without...

Jones-in for Girl Scout Cookies

By Stormy Stewart
Man when you just gotta have a cookie and it isn't cookie sales time try these.

Homemade Ferrero Rocher

By Stormy Stewart
These easy truffles are worth the time, and will become your favorites fast

Amish "Little Debbie" Oatmeal Creme Cookies

By Stormy Stewart
Was thumbing through an old or should I saw Vintage Amish cook book and found these....

Alice Springs Chicken

By barbara lentz
I love the Alice Springs Chicken and Quesadilla's at Outback Restaurant. These breasts are just as...

Cracker Barrel Dumplings ~ Copy Cat

By Amy Herald
Cracker Barrel Restaurants serve a side dish called dumplings. This is not their chicken & dumplings...

Texas Roadhouse-style Cinnamon Butter

By Carolyn Haas
I recently ate at Texas Roadhouse for the first time in years and was reminded of...

Zuppa Toscana Lite

By Carolyn Haas
This is my favorite soup when we go to Olive Garden. I rarely order it anymore...
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