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    Creamy Bacon Pasta With Coffee Spice Rubbed Scallops

    By cindy sandberg
    This is another "Mystery ingredient" challenge entry. I had a lot of fun brainstorming ideas for...

    Awesome Skirt Steak With Coffee Rub & Tomatoes

    By Andy Anderson !
    This is an awesome dish that you can have on the table in 30 minutes or...

    Coffee Powder Truffles

    By Sandy Riggen
    As the owner of a coffee roaster I love to look for opportunities to slip coffee...

    Coffee Filters

    By Pat Duran
    This message was sent to me by my cousin in Arizona. What great ideas...

    Cindi's Iced Coffee

    By Cindi M Bauer
    I enjoy this iced coffee. Which also can be made with a decaffeinated coffee, such...

    Cinnamon Bread Pudding with Caramel Coffee Sauce

    By Melanie Campbell
    The actual cook time is 70 minutes for this recipe. "BAKE FOR 55 MINUTES AND ADD...


    By Judy W
    Looking for a little different flavor in your pot roast? Then try this recipe, courtesy...

    Cowboy Pork Tenderloin on Texas Toast with Horseradish Ranch...

    By Devon Delaney
    I love bold flavors to shine when I grill so this recipe represents the best of...

    Roda's Slow Cooked Beef Roast with Rice on the Side Dinner

    By Roda Laser
    I enjoy slow cooked beef roasts, but I get tired of the typical roast with potatoes...
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    Five Substitutes for Heavy Cream

    Have you ever been in the middle of a recipe and realize you need heavy cream, but you don’t have any handy? Instead of running to the store for one item, we’re sharing five substitutes for heavy cream. Made with ingredients you probably have in your fridge or pantry, these substitutes are great when in […]

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