#Comfort Recipes

Pumpkin Gorilla Bread With Soco Toffee Sauce Recipe

Pumpkin Gorilla Bread with SoCo Toffee Sauce

By Noelle Boesenberg
I was making Paula Deen's Gorilla Bread with a friend: Me: Wouldn't it be awesome if we...
Savory Roasted Butternut Squash & Red Pepper Soup Recipe

Savory Roasted Butternut Squash & Red Pepper Soup

By Ashley Burnam
I love anything with butternut squash. Since it's finally soup weather I had to make this!...
Jamaican Chicken Stew Recipe

Jamaican Chicken Stew

By Christina Haley
This stew is so full of warm flavors. It is one of my favorites in...
Crock Pot Cheeseburger Mac Recipe

Crock Pot Cheeseburger Mac

By Leena Corral
So easy and yummy, this is a great comfort food and the kids love it!
Chicken And Dumplings Recipe

Chicken and dumplings

By Phyllis Roarty
My children grew up eating and loving this. I have used this recipe for forty years,...
Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Chicken Pot Pie

By Liz Somma
Chicken Pot Pie is the ultimate comfort food. My family loves my chicken pot pie,...
Granny Bea's Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Granny Bea's Chicken Pot Pie

By Gail Welch
This is a must try...easy and delicious recipe and the ultimate comfort food! This recipe was shared...
Turkey Noodle Bake Recipe

Turkey Noodle Bake

By Michelle E Duren
This is such a great warming casserole for the entire family.
The Ultimate Spaghetti Squash Recipe

The Ultimate Spaghetti squash

By Joan Hunt
This is the ultimate comfort food, and even better the next day when all the favors...
Fried Chicken N Beer By Freda Recipe

Fried Chicken N Beer By Freda

Melt in your Mouth flavors, and So tender. Fall off the Bone Chicken. This is Our all...
Grandma's Polish Haluski Recipe

Grandma's Polish "Haluski"

By Dutch Reyveld
This is an Old World thrift comfort food. We used to get home-made Kielbasa sausage when...
Stuffed Burger Bundles Recipe

Stuffed Burger Bundles

By susan simons
This is a recipe I tried out of the Febuary/March 2011 Simple & Delicious Magazine pg....
Mom's Ultimate Lasagna Recipe

Mom's Ultimate Lasagna

By Whanoonah Oliver
I wind up making this lasagna every time one of my "babies" is in the need...
Southern Steakhouse Shepherd's Pie Recipe

Southern Steakhouse Shepherd's Pie

By Christine Schnepp
My own twist on a recipe I found. The family enjoyed it very much. Serve with...
Easiest Shepherds Pie Recipe

Easiest Shepherds Pie

By tawnis wohlers
A family favorite around here.
Lee's Lobster Bisque Recipe

Lee's Lobster Bisque

By Lee Paige
Someone I know loved this soup, so I went into a seafood restaurant and asked for...
Shepherd's Pie Recipe

Shepherd's Pie

By Melissa Varady
I made this recently with freshly ground lamb from the farmer's market, and it was SO...
Lovin' It Mac N Chz! Recipe

Lovin' It Mac n Chz!

By Jamie Owensby
I was asked to make a macaroni and cheese for Thanksgiving and I put all my...
Homemade Chicken And Dumplin's Recipe

Homemade Chicken and Dumplin's

By Amanda Spencer
I got this recipe from my mother. This recipe was passed down in my dad's...
Macaroni Goulash Recipe

Macaroni Goulash

By Kathy Embry
This one pot wonder has been a family favorite of ours for a long time! In...
Green Chili, Cream Cheese Chicken Recipe

Green Chili, Cream Cheese Chicken

By Jeanne Benavidez
I cannot remember where I found this recipe but it is an easy, one-pot meal. I...
Simple Yooper Style Pasty Pie     An Original Recipe By: Cathy Hurkmans Tolman

Simple Yooper Style Pasty Pie an original recipe by: Cathy...

By Cathy Hurkmans Tolman
Years ago being a busy working mom with 3 growing boys, I needed to find a...
Home Made Baked Macaroni And Cheese Recipe

Home made baked Macaroni and Cheese

By Linda Ashby
Original from my mother, as I grew up, we got this on Sundays after church usually...
Chicken And Black Pepper Dumplings Recipe

Chicken and Black Pepper Dumplings

By Patty Ward
Here I am being obsessive about black pepper... again! :D This a quick, easy, delicious recipe...